Music Mondays: Get Her Back (Robin Thicke)

A song some, if not most, women would like to be dedicated to them; women who have been mistreated, betrayed, or broken by their significant others. First the melody, then the lyrics, I began to like the song itself. I didn’t know it was Robin Thicke’s at first because I only knew him from Blurred Lines and Lost Without You with his falsetto. In Get Her Back, the falsetto was not much emphasized so the first time I heard it on the radio, his name never registered. Only my friend, Sofie, guessed the artist correctly. Still, I didn’t believe it at the time considering that the lyrics were sweet and romantic enough for me to even associate it with my idea and perception of Robin Thicke.

Going back to today’s featured song, I found the music video disturbing to a certain degree and I tried connecting the video with the lyrics, which was quite difficult. I gave up halfway and imagined that the video might be instilling some subliminal message into my brain. That’s how disturbing it was for me to watch, anyway. I don’t know about you.

Also, I scrolled down the comments section and there was quite a bit of discussion on the video and the message it tries to send. The speech bubbles in the video also make for a good discussion but which I’d rather not be a part of. Suffice it to say, I like the song, melody, and the lyrics in and of itself, minus the video (sorry).

In any case, I’m putting the official music video here to share mainly because there’s no other video that features the song and partly so you can understand what I meant when I said it was disturbing. Leave your comments below if you felt the same as I did or differently, whichever.

Get Her Back by Robin Thicke

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What’s your Music Monday?

Music Mondays: Jet Lag (Simple Plan feat. Natasha Bedingfield)

Again with the song that makes me feel like running towards someone, similar to Taio Cruz’s Telling the World. While Taio’s may be for a chic flick movie, Simple Plan’s Jet Lag hits closer to home. The lyrics represent loved ones physically apart from each other. In the Philippines, this is often the case with either the husband, or the wife (or any member of the family), leaving for another country to work in order to sustain the family.

Miles apart, at different time zones, they try to make it work. I can only imagine the joy they feel to be able to be together and be whole again. That’s the feeling I get this time of running towards someone. Not to chase after them but to be with them again, of missing them, and of coming home.

It also doesn’t hurt that the song is upbeat enough to power walk and/or jog to. 🙂

Jet Lag by Simple Plan feat. Natasha Bedingfield

Added bonus, I found this acoustic version of the song, also sang by Simple Plan during a radio station interview. I’ve cut it so you start already from when they began singing. But if you want to watch the whole video, you can always rewind it.

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What’s your Music Monday?

Music Mondays: Latch (Disclosure feat. Sam Smith)

Apologies for the late posting. I know you’ve all been dying for this Monday’s music fix 😉 but the new look of WordPress gave me much to be confused about in terms of linking/embedding videos from YouTube. Hopefully, what I think is the solution is correct that’s why I am able to write this now.

For today’s music, I’d like to share Disclosure’s Latch feat. Sam Smith. The thing that caught my attention in this song is the Jazzy vibe. I can just imagine the contestants in So You Think You Can Dance dancing to this music, probably choreographed by Sonya Tayeh, my personal favorite in quirky Jazz choreography.

But there’d be no dance video for today. I’ll be sharing the official music video because if you’d recall how I choose my Music Mondays, this is actually one of those OMVs that’s able to portray it’s own music.

As I watched the video this morning (for the first time, as usual), I thought how hot the OMV was. I can’t quite describe the feeling but let me quote from a line in the song:

If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down.

It’s like the song is “pushing boundaries” for me as it depicted different types of attachment, attraction, infatuation, and what-have-yous.

Did you feel the same way I did with today’s Music Monday? Let me know what you think. 🙂

Music Mondays: Treasure (Bruno Mars)

I found the above quote in a video I found on YouTube while I was searching for a good video to accompany this Monday’s featured song: Treasure, by Bruno Mars.

The verse is quite nice. So much so that I had to InstaQuote it. The video where I got the quote from is not what I’ll be sharing with you today, however, mainly because there’s a much better choreography, which is this:

JP Tarlit‘s choreography is captivating really and much to my taste than the official music video, which wasn’t what I expected. I hope you share my liking with the choreography above. It’s a feel good music with a feel good choreography and I just want to share the love!

There are many other dance videos to the tune of Treasure. I was surprised really, and had a hard time picking the best one to share. What I especially like with this video is that a couple of the dancers are Filipinos. Plus, the dancers in most of the other videos I found were Filipinos as well. Whether it’s a coincidence or not that Bruno Mars is also part Filipino, I have no idea.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Music Monday!

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How about you? What’s your Music Monday?

Music Mondays: Telling the World (Taio Cruz)

Have you ever had that moment when you’re listening to music and just stop doing whatever you’re doing because images just keep flowing in your head?

It’s the same experience I felt the first time I heard Taio Cruz’s Telling the World on the radio. A whole chic flick sequence unfolded in my head while driving. I felt like running towards someone. The melody had a “tug” that was hard to ignore at the time and every time I hear it.

If you’re familiar with chic flick movies where the guy (or the girl) turned down the love of his life thinking that it wouldn’t work (or something happened that they had to separate) but then he realizes that he loves her so much that he couldn’t care less what happens, then you would understand what I’m talking about.

Imagine How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days where Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConaughey) realized that he’d rather be with Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) despite how they tricked each other, and so he chased down her taxi and to convince her to stay. Or imagine any similar movie where the guy (or the girl) at one point comes to a realization and then runs for the love of his (or her) life.

For this Music Monday, I’m featuring Taio Cruz’s Telling The World. I didn’t know that this was the OST for Rio. I haven’t watched the film, though I just might because of this. I wonder if how I imagined the song would be used the same way in this movie.


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