7 Day Challenge: Organix Hair Care Set

Looking for natural products to tame, nourish, and moisturize your mane? Why not try Organix’s Hair Care Set? They have it in many variants that address different hair problems. Plus, Organix Hair Care Set contains natural ingredients that don’t cause any harm to your hair.

For the past 2 months, my BDJ boxes mostly contained makeup products. It was a pleasant surprise to receive the BDJ May Box, which had varied brands and products. Maybe it was a respite from the Benefit and Pixy products, which I think is good. I still have more than a handful of “to try” products from my BDJ Boxes, not to mention those in my BDJ Luxe Box featuring Shu Uemura.

Going back to Organix Hair Care Set, my BDJ May Box contained the following:

ogx hair care set

Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner (Php 499 @ 13oz)
Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner (Php 499 @ 13oz)
Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner (Php 499 @ 13oz)
Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil (Php 499 @ 3.3oz)

Briefly, use Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil to strengthen and nourish weak hair. Use Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen to fortify thin and limp hair. Use Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco to restore shine and softness to dry and dull hair. Finally, regardless of which pair of shampoo and conditioner you use, it’s recommended that you apply Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil to fight frizz and strengthen the hair.

Sharing is Caring

Because there were so many sachets in my box, I shared some of them to two of my friends with different hair types. One had thinning and damaged hair due to so many chemical treatments her hair went through. In the span of 2 months, she changed hair color twice! So to her I gave Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner.

My other friend had thick hair, but which she always wore in a ponytail even when it’s still wet! The result was that her hair had this forever ponytail shape and it gets frizzy whenever she took her scrunchy off. So to her I gave Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.


The shampoo and conditioner sachets were of 7.4 ml (0.25 oz) each and the box contained 3 sachets of each. With medium length hair (just below the bra line), each sachet of shampoo took about 2 uses while the conditioner took about 1.5 uses. I’m generous when it came to conditioners.

As for the Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil, there were two 3.7ml (0.125oz) sachets in the BDJ May Box. One sachet is good for at least 7 days depending on how generous you are with your hair. Mine lasted for about 10 days.

To put things into context before giving my review, I have medium length hair with naturally dark brown to black color, and it’s digitally permed since December. Normally, the perm lasts for about 4 months but 2 years ago when I first had it digitally permed, it lasted more than a year with the curls gradually uncurling. Having said that, when it comes to taking care of my mane, I’m always looking for something to retain or recover its shine and to allow it to be soft and smooth, but not heavy at the same time. Heavy hair products tend to weigh down the curls.

Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

ogx keratin oil

This would be good for those with hair prone to breakage. Although I have thin hair, breakage was not my problem. I always wore my hair down, without any accessories. If I ever needed to put my hair up, it would be on special occasions or while working out.

Sherill, my friend who I shared this with, loved it! She said that it was like going to the salon and getting a hot oil treatment. As I said, she has thick hair and with the Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, she said that her hair was smoother in a way. “Maganda ang bagsak,” she said. Meaning that her hair fell beautifully this time and not all the way up there.

As for me, it was like having an aromatherapy session while I massaged my scalp. True, the combination of both shampoo and conditioner helped smoothen my hair and it was less frizzy for having thin and limp (i.e. light) hair means that it has the tendency to bunch up or fly whichever way the wind blows.

Downside: the fact that it countered my “light” hair meant that it was a heavy product. And with digitally permed hair, I realized that it wasn’t curling as much. For reference, digitally permed hair is straight when it’s wet and the curls will only show once the hair becomes dry. So when I noticed that my hair wasn’t curling as much as it should while drying, I knew that this product wouldn’t do for me, at least so long as I have my digitally permed hair.

Upside: That having been said, this would be great for straight hair types, whether natural or artificial. It’s also good for those who want their wavy or curly hair to be less wavy or curly.

Will I buy it? Yes, if I revert to my straight hair again. For now, I’ll stick to moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that’re not as heavy on my mane.

Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner

ogx biotin and collagen

As mentioned earlier, this type is for thin and limp hair, which is my hair type.

I gave a shampoo and conditioner set to Sofie to try it out. As I said, her mane was very chemically treated and she’d used hair care products to lessen the damage on her hair and help prevent any form of thinning and hair fall. She liked it. Although a couple of uses was not really enough to see any results. It was still worth noting if ever she wished for a natural hair care product for her hair condition.

As for me, same with the Anti-Breakage, it was an aromatherapy session. I loved the scent in this one more than the other but it was still quite an experience. Compared to Anti-Breakage, my hair was much smoother after trying Biotin and Collagen out, without the heavy feeling.

Downside: As it did not weigh my hair down, in fact, it was much lighter, the wind blew my hair whichever way that one day that I walked at the open parking lot.

For digitally permed hair, it’s recommended that the curls are grouped together, not left as individual strands. The latter would only mean big, frizzy, and unruly hair. The Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner, with the uber smoothness it gave my hair, prevented the strands/curls from keeping together. It took constant twirling of the my hair with my fingers to keep my curls together.

Upside: As smooth as it gets, despite the twirling, my hair was shinier and much softer with this product. It was easier on the eyes and appealing to the touch as well. It didn’t matter at all that I looked like a crazy person twirling my hair. It was worth it.

Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner

ogx argan oil of morocco

For dry and dull hair, this set promises to moisturize. I can’t say I saw any difference after trying it out, however. Of the 3 in the BDJ May Box, this was my least favorite. >.<

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m particular on fragrance. The Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco had a musky and manlike scent that I didn’t like. Compared to the other two in which I took my time lathering and conditioning my hair, this one I just wanted to wash away from my hair.

After using the set, I noticed that there was no moisture. My hair was still frizzy. I can’t say any shine materialized as promised although I can say that my hair was softer compared to other non-Organix hair care products I’ve tried.

I don’t have a third person opinion on this because I didn’t share this with any other friend. But this also meant that I’ve used the whole 3 pairs of shampoo and conditioner in my BDJ May Box and yet, I didn’t feel much positive about the product. It was disappointing.

Upside: It delivered on the promise to restore softness into dull and dry hair.

Downside: It had a scent that not every girl will like.

TIP: I find that with this set, it’s imperative to apply Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil penetrating oil in order to get better results.

Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil (penetrating oil)

ogx penetrating oil

Fortunately, the penetrating oil isn’t as musky as its shampoo and conditioner counterpart. It was much acceptable, although I’ve had better similar products with much wondrous scents. Applying it after the Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner, the scent of the latter was masked, thank goodness!

As with my tip awhile ago, Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil is best used after Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner. The shine in my hair multiplied with only 2-3 drops of oil from the sachet. I’m not as generous with oil products as they are heavier on the hair and so would just uncurl my curls so I was conservative in using the penetrating oil. One sachet lasted me about 10 days.

Upside: The shine was wonderful! If the 3 hair care variants mentioned earlier contributed to the softness and smoothness of my hair, this one multiplied it!

Downside: The scent, though acceptable, wasn’t up to my standard. Also, I found that if used with non-Organix hair care set, it had a different result. For me, I applied the penetrating oil after using Human Nature’s 100% Moisturizing Shampoo (Mandarin) and Human Nature’s 100% Natural Daily Hair Treatment. Normally, with Human Nature products, my hair would already be soft and smooth. I just add Human Nature’s 100% Natural Smoothening Hair Serum to keep my curls intact and I’m ready to go.

After I applied the penetrating oil, however, which I expected to do the same as the hair serum, it only loosened my curls, not allowing them to stay together. I guess it’s the “smoothening” ingredient in the pentrating oil that affected this, but with this combination, Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil might be one product that can’t stand alone and must always be in tandem with other Organix hair products.

Will I buy this? No. But it might be good for those with long, straight hair for that silky soft feeling. As for my digitally permed hair, it won’t do.

Verdict: 7.5 / 10

Organix Hair Care Set is a great buy despite its price. It’s best if you try out samples first to find out which best fits your hair condition. Factor in if your hair is straight or curly and if the curl or straightness is natural or artificial as this will have a different reaction to the products. I didn’t have any photos of my hair to share as I’m always on the go but I did note everything that I needed to give an unbiased and unadulterated review of the products.

Now for the individual rating:

Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner: 8/10
Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner: 9/10
Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner: 6/10
Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil: 7/10

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Have you tried any of the Organix Hair Care products? Let me know what you think.


very new

Coming home last Sunday from an event I attended, I received a pleasant surprise: my wonderful BDJBox Luxe elegantly captioned as ~ Shu Uemura: Art of Beauty (The First Ever BDJBox Luxe).

For the price of PHP 4,280.00, the box contained the following products:

450ml REVIEW of OB Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil (worth Php 4,095)
50g OB UV Under Base Brightening Mousse (worth Php 2,200)
7ml Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator (worth Php 5,000 @ 50ml)
3.2g Face Powder Sheer (worth Php 2,350 @ 20g)
4.8g Gloss Unlimited Lip Gloss – gold (worth Php 995)
2.38g Gloss Unlimited Lip Gloss – pink (worth Php 995 @ 4.8g)
27ml The LightBulb Fluid Foundation (worth Php 2,350)
20ml Depsea Hydrability Moisturizing Lotion (worth Php 1,650 @ 150g)
50ml Anti Oxi Skin Refining Anti-Dullness Cleansing Oil (worth Php 5,295 @ 450ml)
30g Tsuya Skin UV Under Base Youthful Radiance Mousse (worth Php 2,250 @ 50g)
10ml Depsea Hydrability Intense Moisturizing Concentrate (worth Ph 2,750 @ 50g)
10ml Whitefficient Whitening Emulsion (worth Php 3,100 @ 75ml)
10ml Phytho-Black Lift Smoothing Anti-Wrinkle Emulsion (worth Php 5,100 @ 75ml)

There were also sachet packs in the BDJBox Luxe:

Red: Juvenus Vitalizing Renewing Cream (worth Php 3,650 @ 50ml)
Red: Juvenus Vitalizing Refining Lotion (worth Php 2,350 @ 150ml)
Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil (worth Php 6,250 @ 450ml)
Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator (worth Php 5,000 @ 50ml)
Whitefficient Cleansing Oil (worth Php 5,295 @ 450ml)

Vouchers were likewise included in the BDJBox Luxe:

Free Brow Styling
Free 10-minute Makeovers

The promo said that the contents of the BDJBox Luxe is worth more than Php 15,000. Indeed, the mathematician in me computed and my box is worth more than Php 17,000 not counting the value of the sachet packs! It’s quite a bargain and I think this, together with my other BDJ Boxes (March, April, and May), will last me throughout the year and probably the next in makeup and skincare. It’s all that a kikay could ever hope for. Great bargain, good quality! I can’t wait to try it all out!

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Any beauty hauls you’d like to share?

Review: Pixy Volumizing Waterproof Mascara

Hello Kikays! Your makeup enthusiast here attempting her 2nd review. Let me talk about Pixy’s Volumizing Waterproof Mascara, which came from my April BDJ Box.

Although I was excited to try it, I was not altogether sure if I will last testing it for 7 days. But since my last kikay post in April, I’ve since been using the Pixy Volumizing Waterproof Mascara and am so far loving it!

Pixy Volumizing Waterproof Mascara

Pixy Volumizing Waterproof Mascara

Me, gushing over my long lashes! (No eyeliner)

Fast Facts

Php 295.00
COLOR: Black
FEEL: Light


Before I share my opinion on this product, let me share my previous experiences with mascaras. I never liked them. Seriously. I didn’t find any need for them unless I wanted some serious raccoon eyes or some black specks irritating my eyes. Unless I’m sure that I won’t cry during a movie date or that it will not rain, I keep off mascaras. Instead, I tried lash extensions and gel eyeliners to make up for my lack of thick lustrous eye lashes.

Apparently, I was just using the wrong ones, the cheap ones. Lesson learned:

If you love yourself enough, give yourself the value that you deserve.”

I am not saying you should buy expensive ones. That’s different. Just stay away from the cheap ones. In my attempt to be thrifty and save money, I ended up wasting more. But thanks to my office mate who introduced me to a well known makeup brand that I’d like to believe creates reliable makeup products for the eyes, I soon found a love for mascaras.

That being said, let me go to Pixy Volumizing Waterproof Mascara.

True to its descriptors, the mascara is indeed waterproof and volumizing. As I always gush when it comes to cute things and new makeup products, I over-gushed with my mom, saying: “Ma! Look at my long, long lashes!” and then I’d bat my lashes to high heavens. She’d always just laugh. But one day, while I was applying mascara and she was in the passenger seat (I almost always do my makeup in the car), she exclaimed:

Anak! Bakit biglang humaba pilik mata mo?!” (“How’d your eye lashes get so long?!”)

There ya go! I thought. Even my friends in the office joined in gushing. Here’s a before and after shot:

Before and After

A word of caution, though, this mascara requires several brush strokes to see the desired results. You need not dip it every time, mind you. You just need to be patient with the application. With patience, you get your just reward: long, thick, and natural-looking lashes.

Unlike the other cheap brands I’ve tried that result to heavy and lumpy lashes, Pixy’s mascara did nothing of the sort. It felt like I wasn’t wearing any mascara at all! It’s light weight, like I had super light lash extensions.

Sofie, my go-to friend when it comes to makeup, was doubtful at first. “We’ll see at the end of the day if that’s a good mascara,” she said. Fortunately, after 10 long hours of work, she gave her thumbs up. “Few mascaras can only live up to their claims of being smudge proof or waterproof,” she commented.

This one stayed fresh and intact the whole day.”

That’s a big “Yay!” for me. ^_^ (Talk about needing some assurance.)


2014-05-04 16.06.34


Pixy’s mascara is light weight and doesn’t result to lumpy lashes. With the right eye lash curler, you can achieve that long, lustrous, and oh-so-natural eye lashes. And because it’s light weight, it doesn’t drag down the lashes so that the curl stays.

Not only is it waterproof, it’s also smudge proof! Take it from someone with sensitive and often itchy eyes, and especially after long hours of staring at the computer. I’ve also tested this on tear-jerker movies and I never even hesitated to dab my eyes with tissue. I totally forgot about it.


It takes several strokes to apply. For on-the-go kikays, this is a consideration. During my first try, it took me 10 strokes for each eye.

Also, you have to be careful in how you apply the mascara. My experience with this one is that every after application, I find mascara strokes on my left eye lid. These are not smudges, don’t get me wrong. I think it’s in the way I brushed… I’m not sure. I might be too excited and was already brushing my lids beyond the lashes. This may not be the case with everyone but it’s worth noting. My right eyelids are clean every time though, just to be fair.

The package showed that there are 2 sides of the brush: the short bristle side for base application, and the long bristle side for lengthening the lashes. Sadly, after half a month of using it, I still can’t determine, which side is which. >.<

KIKAY DISCOVERY: Try doing 5 brush strokes each side, then waited a bit before applying a second coating. The effect was amazing and with less mishap on my left eyelid. It shortened the application time of the mascara.

Overall: 8/10

In all, Pixy’s Volumizing Waterproof Mascara is a good place to start for beauty and eye make up enthusiasts. Its price is affordable (not cheap) and the result, which takes practice, is well worth the number of brush strokes. If you’re always on-the-go, you may want to consider other brands. For me, I really like it. It’s not love at first sight, but it’s the type I’d go back to every time.

~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~

What’s your favorite mascara? Any mishaps that you overlooked because you just love it? Let me know what you think!

7 Day Challenge: Pixy’s Haruka Lipstick


Last week and a half, I received my BDJ April Box containing full size Pixy makeup products. All pink by the way (happy!).

As I mentioned in my previous post, among the lipstick products in my BDJ April Box, I would most like use the semi-matte lipstick. I did and have been using it for more than a week now and am loving it. Here’s a quick look on the product:

Quick Facts

Quick Facts: Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick (Semi Matte) or “Pixy’s Haruka Lipstick” for short

7 Day Challenge

1st Day

At first, I didn’t like the feel of the product and thought that it looked ridiculous on me. I’m not used to lipsticks that have any shine in them, especially if they are a bit bright. With shades such as this one–Haruka–I would have bought a matte one. But my office mates told me that it looked good on me. This is saying something because I don’t normally get any comments or compliments about my makeup. So I told myself to persevere.

3 Days Later

I got used to applying the color. I guess it’s an acquired feeling, not love at first application. I still didn’t know how to make it work. It’s a hit or miss but given the right makeup combination (not that I’m an expert in this), the lipstick highlighted the blush on my cheeks and gave me a “fresh look” as my office mates described it.

7 Days Later

Great! This is the first bright lipstick that I ever liked and lasted on wearing for more than a week. I normally go with neutral colors as it’s what’s acceptable in the office. You can never go wrong with “barely there” makeup. But a splash of color and freshness considering it’s summer wouldn’t hurt.

7 Day Challenge

7 Day Challenge: Selfie Supreme



The shade actually complements any blush on I applied. Sometimes, even without applying any blush on, it highlights the cheeks.

It allows for smooth application so it can be used even without a lipstick brush (ok for those who’re on the go).

The price is right. In my novice opinion, this is already a good deal for a lipstick. I’ve never found myself sticking to a lipstick for more than 7 days (despite the 7 Day Challenge, that is). More so, I’ve never found myself looking forward to re-applying the lipstick. Usually, I just go for tinted lip balms to moisturize my lips.

It has a wonderful scent! Compared to lipsticks that just feel like wax, this one has a very unique scent.


Although I said that it allows for smooth application, if you fail to exfoliate your lips, it will highlight the cracks and dry patches on your lips even with a coating of lip balm.

KIKAY DISCOVERY: Instead of using a regular lip balm, I suggest coating the lips with a tinted lip balm. With a tinted lip balm, the gaps lefts by the lipstick, if any, become invisible. It may take a while to find the right tinted lip balm but the one I’m using with Pixy’s Haruka lipstick is Human Nature’s tinted lip balm in Island Kiss. Further, using the Pixy lipstick with a tinted lip balm allows the pigmentation to fade but leave the lips with a natural look. This is in contrast to using the product after a coating of clear lip balm, which, once the color fades, results to dull looking and pale lips. If you look at the pictures, I started using the tinted lip balm around Day 4. That’s why it doesn’t look as bright.

Overall: 7/10

In all, Pixy’s Haruka lipstick is not that bad. In fact, I like it! But it takes getting used to as I said. The way it highlights cracks on the lips is a bummer as well as not everyone has the perfect smooth lips or the luxury of time to always exfoliate their lips. Yet, it is still worth buying, if only to try it out.


Give me a holler! Have you tried Pixy’s Silky Fit Lipstick (Haruka)? What do you think? At the price of Php265 (about 5-6 USD), would you buy a different lipstick product?


I got my BDJ Box for April 2014. Yey!


What kikay girl can ever say no to a box that is pink?! Honestly, I gushed over the covering of the BDJ April box for a whole minute before actually opening it. Next to the wonderful color, I noticed the box was heavier than when I received my March edition of BDJ box, which featured Benefit products. Then, like a little girl who just received a gift from Santa Clause, I opened my BDJ Box.

What’s inside?

Makeup Line

3.8g Colors of Delight Lipstick Silky Fit Semi-Matte in Haruka (Php 265)
3.8g Colors of Delight Lipstick Silky Fit Lasting Matte in Earthy Beige (Php 325)
3.8g Colors of Delight Lipstick Silky Fit Satin Lipstick in Pinkish Peach (Php 245)
12.2g UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit Compact in Tropical Beige (Php 275)
12g UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Matte Refill in Yellow Ochre (Php 145)
12.5g Ultimate Makeup Cake in Natural Buff (Php 445)
9ml Colors of Delight Waterproof Volumizing Mascara (Php 295)
1.14g Colors of Delight Eyeliner Pencil (Php 265)
3.5g Colors of Delight Blush-On in Brown Tea (Php 285)

Promotional Materials

  • 5 stickers: “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle”
  • 1 BDJ Box brochure
  • 3 product guides
    • For Ultimate Makeup Cake
    • For UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit and Perfect Matte
    • On how to achieve 2 Tokyo inspired looks: Kawaii and Glam

Pixy: Truly Asian Beauty

I’ve never heard of Pixy until I got my BDJ April Box. Based on the brochure, Pixy is an “Indonesian-based cosmetics line using the best Japanese technology and ingredients, ensuring that it understands your truly Asian Beauty”. A quick Google search and I’m transported to their website at http://pixy.co.id. Just make sure to allow Google to translate the website to English because some of the pages are in Indonesian.

Although I don’t know much about technology, as for ingredients and the promise that Pixy “understands” truly Asian beauty, we will see about that. As some of my friends know, my skin can by pretty picky when it comes to what it can come in contact with. And as most of us know, not all Asian countries have the typical Asian look, i.e. Japanese, Chinese, Singaporean, etc.

Share, Share, Share (and Win)

As always, the BDJ Box Team encourages us recipients to try out the products, review, and share our experiences. One of these encouragements include the Stick-It-To-Win-It promo in which we are tasked to capture ourselves doing 2 out of the 5 suggested actions for the 5 stickers provided such as sticking it on something I see everyday, on my desk, giving it to someone, etc. The other is the 7 Day Challenge where we use one or more of the products for 7 days and then blog, yes blog, about it. Then we share using the usual tags for BDJ. Of course, to push us further, doing any one of these gives us a chance to win freebies.

Since April’s BDJ Box contains so many exciting things (I love everything that has to do with the eyes and lips!), I would be crazy not to join the 7 Day Challenge. I did the 7 Day Challenge for the March edition but I just didn’t have the time (and the proper camera) to blog about it.

For this edition, I will most likely try the semi-matte lipstick, Ultimate Makeup Cake, and the volumizing mascara. Watch out for my of these products in about a week’s time. It is the 7 Day Challenge after all.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Have you opened your BDJ Box for April yet? What did you like about it? Which of the products will you mostly likely try first? | If you wish to know more about the products other than the 3 that I will most likely try, leave a comment below so I can blog about the product that interests you.