Music Mondays: If I Die Young (The Band Perry)

No one is an expert in death. Whatever the manner or the circumstances, it always comes as a shock. Reality becomes a bad dream that everyone wishes to wake up from. It’s just a matter of living the nightmare or accepting it for what it is.

It’s hardest to those closest to the person who passed. It’s similarly hard to the people who care about those who experienced the lost a loved one. We can only hope to get through it safe, sane, and sound, even though the scars of loss remain.

A single life snuffed out of existence is like a single drop of water in a calm lake. It creates ripples affecting everyone’s lives. It distorts and shakes what we have become accustomed to. And the effect it has on our being is small at first, but gradually growing, and there is a struggle to keep afloat against the waves of emotion each time reality hits.

Today’s Music Monday is dedicated to everyone who’s lost a loved one and to those who’ve witnessed what this loss does to their own loved ones. It’s never easy, no matter which perspective. One thing I know for sure, we should never shut down or close everyone else off. It’s their struggle as much as our struggle to continue, but we all continue together.

The experience changes us. Be it for better or worse, it changes us for good.

If I Die Young by The Band Perry

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Have you suffered or know someone who’ve suffered a loss? What advice would you give in such situations?

Music Mondays: Jet Lag (Simple Plan feat. Natasha Bedingfield)

Again with the song that makes me feel like running towards someone, similar to Taio Cruz’s Telling the World. While Taio’s may be for a chic flick movie, Simple Plan’s Jet Lag hits closer to home. The lyrics represent loved ones physically apart from each other. In the Philippines, this is often the case with either the husband, or the wife (or any member of the family), leaving for another country to work in order to sustain the family.

Miles apart, at different time zones, they try to make it work. I can only imagine the joy they feel to be able to be together and be whole again. That’s the feeling I get this time of running towards someone. Not to chase after them but to be with them again, of missing them, and of coming home.

It also doesn’t hurt that the song is upbeat enough to power walk and/or jog to. 🙂

Jet Lag by Simple Plan feat. Natasha Bedingfield

Added bonus, I found this acoustic version of the song, also sang by Simple Plan during a radio station interview. I’ve cut it so you start already from when they began singing. But if you want to watch the whole video, you can always rewind it.

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What’s your Music Monday?

Elbow Flirting (by Wong Fu Productions)

A video a like to share because I like the animation and background music. Most of all, I like the nostalgia it brings of childhood and of childhood crushes. The simple and innocent things we go through when we were growing up.

The video is by Wong Fu Productions, among the many video sketches and shorts they’ve made that I like. But this one takes the cake because it made me switch to a different window immediately just to blog about and share it. It’s the same with the things I write about that are not scheduled. Because those things, the ones that make you get up and do something whatever the reason, are special. And I believe this one is, too.

Elbow Flirting – Awksome Adventures #2

Music Mondays: Rude (Magic)

We dream of finding that one true love. Once we do, we go through great lengths to prove and protect this love, even at the cost of our lives. We break down whatever obstacles that come our way just to stay happily ever after. But was if it’s the parents that try to stop us? What do we do? We love them but this is the love of our life we’re talking about! Nothing should be able to stop us. Right?

Today’s Music Monday, Rude by Magic, is related to the above situation. It’s about a guy who asked permission to the father of the love of his life if he could marry his daughter. But then the father disapproved. What then?

The first time that actually listened to the lyrics, I laughed, thinking that the guy seemed childish in a way because after having been turned down by the father, he went on to saying “Why you gotta be so rude? Don’t you know I’m human, too?” My translation: “You’re so mean!” But after laughing, I got on to thinking what if I’m in that situation as the girl? Or if I’m a guy in the scenario, what would I have done?

Personally, I wouldn’t know. I’d like to think that love conquers all but it doesn’t. It may conquer a few, some, or most, but not all. What do we mean by “all” anyway? Ultimately, in this scenario where the parents don’t approve, a decision has to be made. I say decision, and not choice, because one doesn’t have to choose between one’s true love and the parents. But whatever it may be, we have to stick to it and be prepared for the consequences it may bring.

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What would you do if your in the above situation?

Michelle Phan’s Sailor Moon Makeup Tutorial

So I’ve been combing through Michelle Phan’s videos. I just recently subscribed to her YouTube channel (don’t be so shocked) after watching several of her videos. Please don’t kill me for saying that I’ve never heard of her or her name didn’t press its way into my brain until after I watched Anna Akana’s video How to Put on Your Face 10 more times from the time that I shared it.

Anyway, after Anna mentioned Michelle Phan’s name, I decided to look Michelle up on YouTube and watched several of her videos, the first being How to Build Self-Confidence or so I thought. Apparently, I’ve encountered Michelle Phan long ago as Sailor Moon when she made a video tutorial on how to transform your look into Sailor Moon. Haven’t I said I like, no, love, Sailor Moon?

I just found this out now and I feel the need to share! Because it’s just ridiculous how long ago that video was when I saw it and how this thing with starting a blog, subscribing to beauty boxes, starting to love how makeup transforms me in and out, seeing Anna Akana’s video, hearing her mention Michelle Phan, looking at Michelle’s videos and then seeing that Michelle was that girl, that girl, who was able to make an inspiring tutorial on how to look like Sailor Moon. Amazing!


Did I say it was amazing? It’s like serendipity or fate or something!

Moving on and before I freak you out with all this, here’s Michelle’s video tutorial transforming herself to Sailor Moon. 😉

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

I’m just so amazed I can’t even end this post properly. Let me know what you think! 🙂