Unboxing: BDJ July Box

Another month, another unboxing. But if you noticed, we skipped a month because there were some complications in July’s BDJ Box so it was shipped near the end of July instead of the usual first 2 weeks. Not an issue and I think the size of the box, which is bigger than the previous boxes, was supposed to make up for the delay.

BDJ July Box

The BDJ July Box is similar to the BDJ May Box in that the former is filled with assorted products and brands. Again, it’s not a purely makeup box but the products address skincare, hair care, as well as include some protective care.


July Box contents
6g Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette (Php 199)
20 wipes Nivea Pure Effect Exfoliating Wipes (Php 139)
35ml Nivea Anti-Perspirant Invisible Spray (150ml @ Php 184)
10ml Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner (100ml @ Php 109)
50ml Celeteque Back Acne Spray (Php 320)
100ml Hygienix Hand Gel (Php 45)
55ml Hygienix Hand Spray (Php 40)
30ml Vitress Heat Protect (Php 75)
30ml Vitress Hair Repair (Php 75)
89ml Keratin Complex Travel Valet Care Kit (Php 495)
250ml Pink Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist (Php 299 fruity, Php 349 happy, dreamy, naughty)

There’s only one voucher in this box from Envie Aestheticare & Medspa:

envie voucher

Of course, it wouldn’t be BDJ Box without the monthly encouraging stickers. This month, it’s

Standout Sticker


I’m not at all enthusiastic about July’s BDJ Box. Although the size of the box is bigger than usual, this did not mean that the contents are “bigger”. There are items inside the box that I don’t care to have or see in a beauty subscription box primarily because they are less than Php 100 and because I can just get them from any store, whether a department store, drug store, grocery, or sari-sari store.

As I’ve said in my previous entries, I like being surprised and this means getting to open a box filled with items that I haven’t tried before and perhaps not even think of trying if not for my subscription. Much too common items don’t have a place in beauty subscription boxes.

Still, the BDJ July Box has redeeming items that I didn’t know existed such as the Nivea Exfoliating Wipes, the Keratin Complex Travel Valet Care Kit, the Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner, and the Pink Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist.

There are also a couple of products I’m excited to use like the Nivea Anti-Perspirant Invisible Spray and the Celeteque Back Acne Spray. Indeed, I’ve already started using these 2 to see if they indeed work. I’m thinking of making a review on these 2 items plus the Nivea Exfoliating Wipes, which I’ve also begun using.

All in all, my enthusiasm for the BDJ July Box would have been great had it not been dampened by the all too common products that were included. I just don’t think they belong. However, as I said, the other items livened my spirits as I am as much in to skin care as I am in to makeup. Let’s see how well the products I’m now using will fare in delivering their promise.

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What’s your take on the BDJ July Box? What product would you like to be reviewed? Let me know what you think!


I look forward to the days when I come home and I find a box filled with goodies. I’m already at the second half of my BDJ Box subscription and I find myself preparing to subcribe to the next six months. It’s just wonderful how this subscription has not only opened my eyes to the world of makeup but also allowed me to give and share this little bits of joy through my blog.

When I saw from my Instagram feeds that the BDJ June Box is out, I felt that I had to run home to see if mine was already delivered. It wasn’t, because I’m far from their HQ. It was on a Friday, but I knew it will be at home over the weekend. The sad part is, I was bound for Cebu during that time. Whenever my cousins and I had a lull time at the hotel, I all I could think of was the BDJ June Box. It didn’t help that every time I tap “explore” on Instagram, there was an unboxing photo of the BDJ June Box.

BDJ Box first look

from fepot_crl14‘s Instagram

Imagine my anticipation upon coming home on Monday! It was first thing I looked for when I open our front door. Lo and behold! It was there! Yay! I just had to take pictures! Finding the time to collage the photos was a different matter. I was only able to upload it today and with much pride. ^_^

Without further adieu, here’s the BDJ June Box!

Someone said that Benefit is the best at making minis! I believe so. The samples are perfect considering that their collective value is above and beyond the price of the BDJ Box. You can do that math right here:


3ml Porefessional PRO Balm (Php 1,600 @ 22ml)
0.5g Fake Up Concealer (Php 1,600 @ 3.5g)
3ml Big Easy (Php 2,000 @ 35ml)
3ml Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow (Php 1,900 @ 30ml)
3ml They’re Real Mascara (Php 1,300 @ 8.5ml)
2.5ml Lollitint (Php 1,700 @ 12.5ml)
2.5ml Benetint (Php 1,700 @ 12.5ml)


Free Makeupper
Php 300 Brow Wax service (with any product purchase)


Benefit San Francisco Product Brochure/Magazine
5pcs Empowerment Stickers
Product Description Guide
A whole lot of love!


To be honest, I was a little hesitant about the tints. I’m not a fan and I’m afraid it will clog up my pores. Plus, I’m not sure how to use it at first. Thanks to bag_haven for helping me out on this one.


The BDJ June Box also included 2 products I already got from the March box: Porefessional PRO Balm and Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow. Finding them in my box didn’t increase my excitement much since repetition is not my cup of tea. I’d rather get new things (new experiences), which I may or may not like, than get the same thing again. But both items are welcome just the same. ^_^

In any case, since today’s posting, I’ve started using the Big Easy, Fake Up, and Benetint. I’m still using up my Porefessional PRO Balm and Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow from the March box so they don’t count.

Reviews for the Big Easy, Fake Up, and Benetint (and probably Lollitint) will be up in a week’s time so stay tuned! UPDATE: You can find my review of Benetint and Lollitint here.

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Did you get your regular dose of makeup? Do you have any favorites? Let me know what you think!


very new

Coming home last Sunday from an event I attended, I received a pleasant surprise: my wonderful BDJBox Luxe elegantly captioned as ~ Shu Uemura: Art of Beauty (The First Ever BDJBox Luxe).

For the price of PHP 4,280.00, the box contained the following products:

450ml REVIEW of OB Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil (worth Php 4,095)
50g OB UV Under Base Brightening Mousse (worth Php 2,200)
7ml Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator (worth Php 5,000 @ 50ml)
3.2g Face Powder Sheer (worth Php 2,350 @ 20g)
4.8g Gloss Unlimited Lip Gloss – gold (worth Php 995)
2.38g Gloss Unlimited Lip Gloss – pink (worth Php 995 @ 4.8g)
27ml The LightBulb Fluid Foundation (worth Php 2,350)
20ml Depsea Hydrability Moisturizing Lotion (worth Php 1,650 @ 150g)
50ml Anti Oxi Skin Refining Anti-Dullness Cleansing Oil (worth Php 5,295 @ 450ml)
30g Tsuya Skin UV Under Base Youthful Radiance Mousse (worth Php 2,250 @ 50g)
10ml Depsea Hydrability Intense Moisturizing Concentrate (worth Ph 2,750 @ 50g)
10ml Whitefficient Whitening Emulsion (worth Php 3,100 @ 75ml)
10ml Phytho-Black Lift Smoothing Anti-Wrinkle Emulsion (worth Php 5,100 @ 75ml)

There were also sachet packs in the BDJBox Luxe:

Red: Juvenus Vitalizing Renewing Cream (worth Php 3,650 @ 50ml)
Red: Juvenus Vitalizing Refining Lotion (worth Php 2,350 @ 150ml)
Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil (worth Php 6,250 @ 450ml)
Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator (worth Php 5,000 @ 50ml)
Whitefficient Cleansing Oil (worth Php 5,295 @ 450ml)

Vouchers were likewise included in the BDJBox Luxe:

Free Brow Styling
Free 10-minute Makeovers

The promo said that the contents of the BDJBox Luxe is worth more than Php 15,000. Indeed, the mathematician in me computed and my box is worth more than Php 17,000 not counting the value of the sachet packs! It’s quite a bargain and I think this, together with my other BDJ Boxes (March, April, and May), will last me throughout the year and probably the next in makeup and skincare. It’s all that a kikay could ever hope for. Great bargain, good quality! I can’t wait to try it all out!

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Any beauty hauls you’d like to share?


I got my BDJ Box for April 2014. Yey!


What kikay girl can ever say no to a box that is pink?! Honestly, I gushed over the covering of the BDJ April box for a whole minute before actually opening it. Next to the wonderful color, I noticed the box was heavier than when I received my March edition of BDJ box, which featured Benefit products. Then, like a little girl who just received a gift from Santa Clause, I opened my BDJ Box.

What’s inside?

Makeup Line

3.8g Colors of Delight Lipstick Silky Fit Semi-Matte in Haruka (Php 265)
3.8g Colors of Delight Lipstick Silky Fit Lasting Matte in Earthy Beige (Php 325)
3.8g Colors of Delight Lipstick Silky Fit Satin Lipstick in Pinkish Peach (Php 245)
12.2g UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit Compact in Tropical Beige (Php 275)
12g UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Matte Refill in Yellow Ochre (Php 145)
12.5g Ultimate Makeup Cake in Natural Buff (Php 445)
9ml Colors of Delight Waterproof Volumizing Mascara (Php 295)
1.14g Colors of Delight Eyeliner Pencil (Php 265)
3.5g Colors of Delight Blush-On in Brown Tea (Php 285)

Promotional Materials

  • 5 stickers: “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle”
  • 1 BDJ Box brochure
  • 3 product guides
    • For Ultimate Makeup Cake
    • For UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit and Perfect Matte
    • On how to achieve 2 Tokyo inspired looks: Kawaii and Glam

Pixy: Truly Asian Beauty

I’ve never heard of Pixy until I got my BDJ April Box. Based on the brochure, Pixy is an “Indonesian-based cosmetics line using the best Japanese technology and ingredients, ensuring that it understands your truly Asian Beauty”. A quick Google search and I’m transported to their website at http://pixy.co.id. Just make sure to allow Google to translate the website to English because some of the pages are in Indonesian.

Although I don’t know much about technology, as for ingredients and the promise that Pixy “understands” truly Asian beauty, we will see about that. As some of my friends know, my skin can by pretty picky when it comes to what it can come in contact with. And as most of us know, not all Asian countries have the typical Asian look, i.e. Japanese, Chinese, Singaporean, etc.

Share, Share, Share (and Win)

As always, the BDJ Box Team encourages us recipients to try out the products, review, and share our experiences. One of these encouragements include the Stick-It-To-Win-It promo in which we are tasked to capture ourselves doing 2 out of the 5 suggested actions for the 5 stickers provided such as sticking it on something I see everyday, on my desk, giving it to someone, etc. The other is the 7 Day Challenge where we use one or more of the products for 7 days and then blog, yes blog, about it. Then we share using the usual tags for BDJ. Of course, to push us further, doing any one of these gives us a chance to win freebies.

Since April’s BDJ Box contains so many exciting things (I love everything that has to do with the eyes and lips!), I would be crazy not to join the 7 Day Challenge. I did the 7 Day Challenge for the March edition but I just didn’t have the time (and the proper camera) to blog about it.

For this edition, I will most likely try the semi-matte lipstick, Ultimate Makeup Cake, and the volumizing mascara. Watch out for my of these products in about a week’s time. It is the 7 Day Challenge after all.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Have you opened your BDJ Box for April yet? What did you like about it? Which of the products will you mostly likely try first? | If you wish to know more about the products other than the 3 that I will most likely try, leave a comment below so I can blog about the product that interests you.

UNBOXING: Benefit (BDJ March Box)

It was a gamble when I subscribed to BDJ Box in December. At the time, January and February boxes were already sold out, which meant that if I wanted to subsribe at all, I had to pay at least two months in advance. Still, I thought that it would be worth it.

I subcribed for the maximum I could get from BDJ Box: 6 months subscription. Meaning, from March until August, I would be receiving surprises from BDJ.

Subscribing to 6 boxes was the cheapest, I thought. I factored in the possibility that I would like the first box and would want subsequent ones. I also factored in the fact that BDJ Boxes are often sold out 2 months in advance. So if I waited to see if I wanted the 1st box and I did, I would have wait for another two months to get my 2nd box! That’d be too much of a wait for me. Also, I thought that if I didn’t like the 1st box, I might get to like the 2nd box or probably like the 3rd, and so on. I was all positive at the time.

So I got my first BDJ Box this March. I was excited because the featured product for the month was Benefit! Yay! So to share my happiness and excitement, here’s the great unboxing.

BDJ Box April

3ml Porefessional PRO Balm (worth Php 1,600 @ 22ml)
2ml-ish Stay Don’t Stray (worth Php 1,400.00 10ml)
5ml Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow (worth Php 1,900 @ 30ml)
2 pcs of 1g-ish Stay Flawless (worth Php 1,900 @ 15.5g)
1.5ml Under My Spell Noelle Fragrance (worth Php 2,000 @ 30ml)
1g-ish Agent Zero Shine (worth Php 1,600 @ 7g)

BDJ March Box also contained 5 stickers for BDJ’s Stick It To Win It promo with the caption: You don’t need a mirror to know you’re gorgeous. I liked the fact that the font sizes were bigger on YOU, MIRROR, and GORGEOUS. It was a statement all on its own and it’s encouraging.

Finally, a brochure giving a brief description and pricing of the Benefit products in the box was also provided.

Despite that excitement I felt when I received my first ever BDJ Box and the fact that Benefit was featured, I was a bit dismayed by the samples. They are samples, much small in size and volume that their usual counterpart.

Granted, Benefit products are quite pricey and carry their weight in gold. They are quality products and considering they’re market price, for the value of a BDJ Box at Php 580, the samples should already be worth the it.

In any case, with the unboxing out of the way, let me leave you now so that I can already try them. I’m especially excited with Porefessional PRO Balm, Stay Don’t Stray, and Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow. I’ve never tried pore erasers and eye primers before, and I’m always keen on trying out different foundations.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

What were you most excited about the BDJ March Box? Let me know what you think.