Squat Circuit Challenge: Day 3 (Take 2)

It is indeed a great relief if I do the squat circuit challenge first thing in the morning. Somehow, I find myself having more time throughout the day. Maybe because I become more active after several squats. Or maybe because it frees me the time spent thinking and debating with myself whether I should already do the squats or in an hour.

Yeah, the advice given is true. If you prepare and do it first thing, you won’t be bothered with unnecessary “thinking”.

Day 2 (Take 2): 6 reps of each, 2 sets
I’ve already begun struggling. A testament to my weak thunder thighs or to the intensity of the challenge. You be the judge. 🙂

I found myself resting, mid 2nd set.

I believe the narrow squats target the buttocks because that’s where I felt the squeeze. Meanwhile, the regular, hip width squats target the thighs and the sumo squats target the inner thighs. I haven’t researched yet on the benefits of each squat variant but I hope I’m feeling them where I should. 🙂

Rest day for tomorrow! Maybe I’ll work on my abs. 🙂

Squat Circuit Challenge Update: Day 2 (Take 2)

I did it this morning! Yey! And I realize the big difference between 6 reps of each exercise versus 10 reps of each. The latter is exponentially more difficult than the former especially when you’re essentially doing the same squats, only you include leg raises. My pulse quickened by the third exercise and I already feel a tingling ache in my thighs.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Squat Circuit Challenge: Defeat!

It’s depressing when you failed to complete a task. It’s even more depressing when it’s a challenge you declared to the whole world that you would do. Such is the case with the Squat Circuit Challenge I dared to do. Barely a week passed and I already missed two challenge days since yesterday. Granted, I was busy. But busy was not supposed to be an excuse when I dared to do this. So I’m doing it again and starting over, beginning today.

Day 1: Do Over Update

I just finished with the 6 reps of each exercise today. No hurting thighs, no stressed joints. Just a new found determination to not fail again. But believe me, it gradually became difficult with just the past few days. I’ve been doing it before sleeping but by then, I was already too tired with the day’s happenings, making it difficult to bring myself to do the challenge. So I will try harder and will do this first thing every morning.

Lesson learned! Day 1, take 2, done! On to tackle tomorrow!

Wish me luck (again)! 🙂

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Have you ever failed a challenge? What did you do to pick yourself up again? I’d like to know 🙂

Squat Circuit Challenge Update: Day 5

What one day of rest from the challenge does.

Yesterday was a rest day from the 30 day squat challenge. I though I’d come back strong and fresh for today but no0o0o… Turns out, I got too well rested. I got so tired from today’s combo (5 reps of each, 3 sets), I was having second thought about making an update. I’m just so0o0o tired.

Having said that, I look forward to tomorrow’s rep-set combo. I will conquer it! 🙂

Goodnight everyone!

Squat Circuit Challenge Update: Day 3

It’s 6 reps of each for 2 sets/rounds today. I’m glad I’m not doing any arm challenges because I’d be too tired to blog about it. Thank goodness it’s all about the bass–I mean butt.

As it is, I’m typing via mobile and lying on my tummy.

The buns are aching; the thighs are twitching. (Get your mind off the gutter, dear.) But it’s all good! It’s quite a workout. Not too long to start sweating, but enough to feel the burn and pick up the heart rate.

It’s a good thing tomorrow’s a rest day. 🙂

How are you getting it on?