Music Mondays: Back To Me (The All-American Rejects)

Once in a while, when I’m not listening to the radio, I browse whatever is recommended to me by Spotify. I’m not exactly sure how Spotify does this—if it considers my browsing history or the number of times I play a particular song compared to the others—but it sure knows what to recommend. I fell in love with Back To Me by The All-American Rejects instantly. Yes, I know, the song’s been a while but it really was the first time I heard it.

Back to Me by The All-American Rejects

I’m always a sucker for songs that have strong instrumental background, the kind that allows me to nod my head in time to the strumming of the guitar or stomp my feet with every drum beat. Most of the time, when the melody is just right and matches with the lyrics, it’s enough for me to hit that 🔂 button for just that song until I memorize it.

Music Mondays: Last Thing On My Mind (Steps)

If you are familiar with this week’s Music Mondays song and group, you’re most likely a ’90s kid. I remember dancing to Last Thing On My Mind during elementary and loving Steps for having easy-to-follow dance steps in their music. Nowadays, they kind of remind me of Hi-5 because of their bright personalities and colorful ensembles.

Anyway, Last Thing On My Mind is again, one of those songs that gets stuck in my head. But unlike other songs, it’s a welcome melody. I still find it funny that they’re all smiles in the music video when the lyrics of the song is quite serious. Go figure.

Last Thing On My Mind by Steps

Music Mondays: I’m Still Here (Vertical Horizon)

Just recently I visited my oldest blog, one that I had when I was a teenager. You know what I noticed? I was emotional, I have a lot of thoughts, and I was better at articulating my thoughts and feelings. Compared to myself today, I think I was more honest and true to myself when I was young.

Becoming an adult has made things complicated. I now watch my words and how uttering them can affect not just one person, but other people who may or may not know the meaning behind my words. I wonder if being more cautious means pretending to be the person other people see you as rather than being considerate of them.

But one thing hasn’t  changed—I still share songs that I like. Except that in the past, I only shared the lyrics of the songs I like partly because blogging wasn’t as advanced then and partly because I focused on the message of the songs back then and how it related to my thoughts at the time. But that’s not to say that I don’t relate to any of the songs I’m sharing now. I just have a better criteria this time and it’s not always about me.

Having said that, here’s one song that’s a blast from the past although I’m sure the message is not limited to any time frame. I couldn’t find a suitable video and I’m more interested in the lyrics anyway so as the one who shared this video via YouTube said in his description: Just listen to the song. 

I’m Still Here by Vertical Horizon

But if you’re the type who’d rather read the lyrics, here you go. I try to imagine I’m Still Here being a duet between a male and female singer. It’s up to you which sings which verse and whether either one or both will sing the third verse.

I found the pieces in my hand
They were always there
It just took some time for me to understand
You gave me words I just can’t say
So if nothing else
I’ll just hold on while you drift away
Cause everything you wanted me to hide
Is everything that makes me feel alive

The cities grow
The rivers flow
Where you are, I’ll never know
But I’m still here
If you were right and I was wrong
Why are you the one who’s gone
And I’m still here
Still here

Seeing the ashes in my heart
The smile the widest
When I cry inside and my insides blow apart
I tried to wear another face
Just to make you proud
Just to make you put me in my place
But everything you wanted from me
Is everything that I could never be

repeat Chorus

Maybe tonight
It’s gonna be alright
I will get better
Maybe today
It’s gonna be okay
I will remember

I held the pieces of my soul
I was shattered and I wanted you to come and make me whole
When I saw you yesterday
But you didn’t notice
And you just walked away
Cause everything you wanted me to hide
Is everything that makes me feel alive

The cities grow
The rivers flow
Where you are, I’ll never know
But I’m still here
If you were right and I was wrong
Why are you the one who’s gone
And I’m still here
The lights go out, the bridges burn
Once you’re gone, you can’t return
But I’m still here
Remember how you used to say I’d be the one to runaway
But I’m still here

Music Mondays: Black Magic (Little Mix)

Here’s a song that reminds me of my childhood—one that is filled with magic, or at least thoughts of magic and casting spells. It’s influenced by the many young adult novels I’ve read in the past. One of which is the Night World series, authored by my favorite, L.J. Smith, who also authored the now popular TV series Vampire Diaries. Suffice it to say, the Night World series has episodes featuring witches, not just vampires, shapeshifters, werewolves, and other creatures of the night. And these, I very much love.

But for the younger generation, let’s just think Harry Potter and the magical world created by J.K. Rowling. Or if you’re a movie person and probably around my age range, think Practical Magic starring Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock.

Black Magic by Little Mix

Another all female group much like Fifth Harmony, whose song I featured almost a month ago, Little Mix gives a younger, more innocent vibe (or it may just be due to the official music video for Black Magic). In any case, I decided to go with the acoustic version of Black Magic. It showcases the vocal range and quality of the voice of the each individual, which I very much like. But if you wish to see the official music video, you can find it here.


Music Mondays: Worth It (Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink)

Today’s Music Mondays is probably about a song that reminds me of so many things.

Worth It by Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink


For one thing, the melody reminds me of Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo, that dance-y beat with the Egyptian tune going on. I’m not really sure if it’s an Egyptian tune but, maybe it’s Arabian or something, I can’t fully describe it. But every time I hear this or Talk Dirty, I feel like shaking my hips, belly dancing, and sort of wiggling my body like a snake. >.<

Then there’s the group’s name, Fifth Harmony, which reminds me of Solid Harmonie (90’s girl here). It’s not only the name but also because this group, like Solid Harmonie, has diverse members in terms of ethnicity, which I very much like.

Finally, if you’ve seen any K-Pop music videos or any K-Pop artists performing, you’d notice that they are big on choreography and dancing in sync. This video reminds me of that because there are scenes of the group dancing, though not as in sync as K-Pop artists do it.

Just an additional comment though, I can’t get over the eye make-up on these girls. I just want to pause each close up scene and try to replicate the make-up. I’m gushing here. ^_^

As always, if you want to see a dance choreography on Worth It, Mega Jam has a great one. You can find it here.