REVIEW: Human Nature’s Exfoliating Bar

To scrub or not to scrub.

There’s a new addition to the bath collection of Human Nature. It’s the Human Nature Exfoliating Bar, which has loofah exfoliants that scrub away dry skin.

Curious as I was, I bought one to try. I’ve always been a body wash user until I switched to Human Nature’s bath line, which only had bars for soap. Personally, I don’t find bar soaps alone efficient enough in the cleaning department. I always feel the need to use a loofah, a soft towel, or sponge to scrub myself with. I tried a bar soap with oat bits before, but found it bad for my diet since I get hungry every time I use it, but that’s beside the point. 😉

Fast Facts

HN Exfoliating BarPrice: Php 84.75

Product Description:
Infused with loofah exfoliants that deeply cleanse and invigorate skin
Cold processed to retain skin-hydrating abilities
Free from harmful EDTA and BHT present in most soaps
Soothes the senses with its sweet vanilla fragrance

Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, aqua (water), sodium hydroxide, decyl glucoside (plant-derived), sodium lactate (sugarcane-derived), glycerin, Luffa cylindrica fruit powder, chromium green oxide (CI 77288)

Source: Human Nature


I thought this was a good product to have considering that we don’t always have the time to rub ourselves down with body wash or bar soap and then scrub our skin with loofah or sponge. It takes time, believe me. With a bar soap with loofah exfoliants, this should cut the time right?

Not necessarily. The first time I used the soap, I had to rub it on my skin several times to feel the loofah bits. Because the exfoliants of Human Nature Exfoliating Bar Soap are infused into the bar soap, you don’t get an even scrubbing. A portion can be smooth while a part may have too much exfoliants. Sometimes, I turn it this way and that to get the right feel.

There are times that I didn’t like how the exfoliants rub at my skin. So I revert to rubbing the soap with my loofah/sponge and then scrub myself with the latter. It took me more time, actually, to get the scrubbing that I wanted.

Good Points

  • Since the Human Nature Exfoliating Soap is a fusion of loofah exfoliants and bar soap, it is cheaper compared to the price of soap and loofah/sponge.
  • It can be good for those in a hurry and no time to scrub down using body scrub. The loofah exfoliants will do the job.
  • The vanilla scent can be therapeutic.
  • It’s has of 100% no harmful chemicals so you’re assured that only the good touches your skin. No SLS or SLSS and what you wash off are also natural products that are still good for the environment. No harmful chemicals there.

Bad Points

  • If you’re looking for good and even scrubbing, the Human Nature Exfoliating Bar is not for you. The distribution of the loofah exfoliants is not equal and some parts are just hard on the skin. If you’re like me, stick to one loofah/sponge and one body wash or bar soap.
  • I also found that I used it up faster than a regular bar soap. Maybe because I really wanted to get that good scrubbing out of the soap itself.
  • We all know that it’s not recommended to scrub our skin everyday. You only need scrubbing to remove accumulation of dry skin unless you want to damage the new skin that you just revealed after yesterday’s scrub. Since scrubbing is not for everyday use, you will still need to keep that regular bar soap or body wash you have.

Verdict: 5/10

If you want a scrub down while soaping your body and a cheap on at that, this is for you, especially for those in a hurry. However, if you wish for a good and even scrubbing, you might not be satisfied with this one.

For sure, my experience is with just one Human Nature Exfoliating Bar. Will I buy this again? Probably not. It’s a personal choice, really. I’m the complete scrub down type and I’d rather feel the actual loofah or sponge on my skin.

Disclaimer: I am a Human Nature Dealer but I strive to give a fair and objective opinion on Human Nature products. After all, I am a consumer of the products myself.

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Have you tried the Human Nature Exfoliating Bar? Or other bar soaps with scrubbing bits in them? Let me know what you think.