Sailor Moon: Like A Girl

In light of my previous post. I found these on my Instagram feed today, smiled, and again felt the need to share.

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OK, I found time to post more pics ^_^

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Despite criticisms on the show, it never made me feel inferior as a girl. On the contrary, when I was growing up, I thought that only girls, not boys, could save and protect the world. I grew up knowing that I have the power to protect all the people that I love. And of course, I was waiting for a black cat with a crescent moon on its forehead to tell me I’m Sailor Moon. 😉

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How do you fight, think, defend, play games, and love like? Let me know what you think!

Like a Girl

I heard it on the radio, found it on YouTube, and will now share it to everyone because it needs to be said.

Being a girl does not equate to being weak, stupid, or too emotional.

The above video was uploaded on YouTube June 26 of this year. It went viral and was featured in ABC News in less than a week. Now it has over 37 million views.

It’s an eye opener, to say the least, because even though we know that there are stereotypes attached to being female, we sometimes forget and still conform to them. Let’s not. Because we are as strong, if not stronger, and as smart, if not smarter, than any other person, whether male or female.

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What do you think of the video?

As a Person, As a Human

Everyone has rights. This is a fact and we know this for a fact. And everyone, I mean everyone, says that rights should be protected. But how?

We say that the law protects our rights. We have the Bill of Rights. But when we are being oppressed, the Bill of Rights isn’t there to shield us at that moment. The law doesn’t take up arms in our defense. We do–for our own sake and for others–within reason. That’s why it’s a good feeling when we see other people stand up for each others’ rights. I think this is one of the reasons why heroes are very much loved.

For me, it’s a much humbling experience to see someone stand up for another’s rights without regard to the “heroic” value of their actions. It’s “doing what anyone should do and should have done for a fellow human being”. This is especially what I felt when I saw this video:

I have read the comments following this video, both the negative and the positive. But without looking at it as a propaganda or even attaching any nationality to it and seeing it as one person standing up for another, then this is worth sharing. As what was said in the video:

I was just being a person and standing up for someone else.

This, I think, is the core of the video and which has touched me the most. To be a person. What does it entail? As a person, better yet, as a human being, what is expected of me? How do I relate or should relate to another? If we even take a moment to ponder on this, I believe that the world would be much better for it.

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What do you think of the video? Share your thoughts. 🙂

Standards of Beauty

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Therefore, it will always vary from person to person, culture to culture. What’s beautiful for me may not be your cup of tea. We all know this as fact. But having a visual comparison on what beauty is for each person, or better, for each culture, can be very enlightening.

Let me share this video I initially found on Yahoo! Philippines.

Personally, I was surprised that it’s only the Philippines that has provided a big change in hairstyle. The caption in the video went on to say that in our country, “hair is often straightened and rebonded as far from the natural curl as possible”. I don’t think we’re the only nation that does this and we don’t always have curly hair. I for one have straight hair and I like my hair digitally permed. I think that what is “often” hair-wise is that we want what we don’t have. I think this is the case with almost every women. Don’t you think?

Whether the above video is true or not, it makes for a great discussion. Is physical beauty important and to what extent?

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What do you think of this video? Share your thoughts! 🙂

Finders, Keepers


I believe in fate, in destiny. I believe that some things had to happen for a determined result to occur. No matter what happens, no matter how hard you resist, it will always find a way to meet that certain end.

This is one instance I could think of where the end would justify the means. The ‘end’ is just the beginning of the journey when you put fate in play. You’ll get there eventually, but how smooth or rough the ‘getting there’ is, it’s what gives value to that end. Depending on your journey, the end could be good or bad for you.

Additionally, I don’t think of only one end but many. Like chapters of a novel, the ‘end’ I’m speaking of are important points/events in life that mark the end of a life’s chapter and the beginning of a new one. Each chapter has a story that leads to the next. Each one is a journey in the vast journey of life. When we take our first step, when we reach puberty, when we fall in love, when we move out, when we suffer a loss, etc.

Finally, these ends happen the way they will because of the choices that we’ve done leading up to that end. That’s why each end can be good or bad for you, depending on how you’ve made your choices. You can prolong a certain end or shorten it, but it will happen.

So to answer today’s Daily Prompt in a very roundabout and almost-off-topic kind of way, my answer would be YES.

The LORD has made everything for its own purpose, Even the wicked for the day of evil. – Proverbs 16:4