REVIEW: Human Nature’s Exfoliating Bar

To scrub or not to scrub.

There’s a new addition to the bath collection of Human Nature. It’s the Human Nature Exfoliating Bar, which has loofah exfoliants that scrub away dry skin.

Curious as I was, I bought one to try. I’ve always been a body wash user until I switched to Human Nature’s bath line, which only had bars for soap. Personally, I don’t find bar soaps alone efficient enough in the cleaning department. I always feel the need to use a loofah, a soft towel, or sponge to scrub myself with. I tried a bar soap with oat bits before, but found it bad for my diet since I get hungry every time I use it, but that’s beside the point. 😉

Fast Facts

HN Exfoliating BarPrice: Php 84.75

Product Description:
Infused with loofah exfoliants that deeply cleanse and invigorate skin
Cold processed to retain skin-hydrating abilities
Free from harmful EDTA and BHT present in most soaps
Soothes the senses with its sweet vanilla fragrance

Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, aqua (water), sodium hydroxide, decyl glucoside (plant-derived), sodium lactate (sugarcane-derived), glycerin, Luffa cylindrica fruit powder, chromium green oxide (CI 77288)

Source: Human Nature


I thought this was a good product to have considering that we don’t always have the time to rub ourselves down with body wash or bar soap and then scrub our skin with loofah or sponge. It takes time, believe me. With a bar soap with loofah exfoliants, this should cut the time right?

Not necessarily. The first time I used the soap, I had to rub it on my skin several times to feel the loofah bits. Because the exfoliants of Human Nature Exfoliating Bar Soap are infused into the bar soap, you don’t get an even scrubbing. A portion can be smooth while a part may have too much exfoliants. Sometimes, I turn it this way and that to get the right feel.

There are times that I didn’t like how the exfoliants rub at my skin. So I revert to rubbing the soap with my loofah/sponge and then scrub myself with the latter. It took me more time, actually, to get the scrubbing that I wanted.

Good Points

  • Since the Human Nature Exfoliating Soap is a fusion of loofah exfoliants and bar soap, it is cheaper compared to the price of soap and loofah/sponge.
  • It can be good for those in a hurry and no time to scrub down using body scrub. The loofah exfoliants will do the job.
  • The vanilla scent can be therapeutic.
  • It’s has of 100% no harmful chemicals so you’re assured that only the good touches your skin. No SLS or SLSS and what you wash off are also natural products that are still good for the environment. No harmful chemicals there.

Bad Points

  • If you’re looking for good and even scrubbing, the Human Nature Exfoliating Bar is not for you. The distribution of the loofah exfoliants is not equal and some parts are just hard on the skin. If you’re like me, stick to one loofah/sponge and one body wash or bar soap.
  • I also found that I used it up faster than a regular bar soap. Maybe because I really wanted to get that good scrubbing out of the soap itself.
  • We all know that it’s not recommended to scrub our skin everyday. You only need scrubbing to remove accumulation of dry skin unless you want to damage the new skin that you just revealed after yesterday’s scrub. Since scrubbing is not for everyday use, you will still need to keep that regular bar soap or body wash you have.

Verdict: 5/10

If you want a scrub down while soaping your body and a cheap on at that, this is for you, especially for those in a hurry. However, if you wish for a good and even scrubbing, you might not be satisfied with this one.

For sure, my experience is with just one Human Nature Exfoliating Bar. Will I buy this again? Probably not. It’s a personal choice, really. I’m the complete scrub down type and I’d rather feel the actual loofah or sponge on my skin.

Disclaimer: I am a Human Nature Dealer but I strive to give a fair and objective opinion on Human Nature products. After all, I am a consumer of the products myself.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Have you tried the Human Nature Exfoliating Bar? Or other bar soaps with scrubbing bits in them? Let me know what you think.

Shu Uemura: OB Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil

I have a tendency to hoard things that I like in general. Makeup and skincare products are among those things that I like collecting. Sometimes, I buy makeup and skincare products but it takes months before I actually open and get to use them. Because of this unflattering habit, I never get to finish the products that I have. I tend to save whatever’s left of the product to the point that it expires.

I expected as much with my BDJBox Luxe. However, as insisted by a Shu Uemura fan friend of mine, I started testing the products in the box. The first among which was the 450ml OB Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil.

Fast Facts

450ml worth Php 4,095.00

Price: Php 4,095.00 / 450ml

How to use:
Take 3-4 pumps of cleansing oil onto the palms of hands.
Gently smooth over the face.
Wet face to emulsify cleansing oil.
Rinse thoroughly with water.

Product Description:
“The cleansing oil effectively removes makeup and impurities whil maintaining skin’s needed moisture level, perfect for combination to oily skin types. It is formulated with Sakura Complex to minimize pores by eliminating excess sebum, visibly smoothening the skin’s surface.”


The cleanser is applied to my left eye.

The cleanser is applied to the left side of my face. You can see the difference in the eyes.

Strength & Quality

I have only ever read one review for oil cleansers of Shu Uemura, particularly the High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula and I’ve only heard good things of Shu Uemura cleansing oils. Before delivering the box, the BDJ Box team asked if I wanted the High Performance or the Pore Clarifying. I replied that I have combination to oily skin that’s prone to acne. With this, they recommended that I use OB Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil.

Before using the cleanser for the first time, I re-applied my makeup and made it thicker in order to see how strong the product is in removing makeup. I had on (see above picture) the following:

  • Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in Natural Buff
  • Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation in Caramel
  • Human Nature Perfect Glow Mineral Blush in Pacific Shimmer 03
  • Pixy Eye Shadow in Sparkling Gold 09
  • Pixy Volumizing Waterproof Mascara
  • Pixy Perfect Eyeliner
  • Human Nature Tinted Lip Balm in Island Kiss
  • Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick in Pinkish Peach 216
  • Human Nature Mineral Lip Gloss in Island Berry

The first time’s always an experience. For OB Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil, I was delighted to see how effective it was in dissolving the makeup that I had on, despite it being “gentle”. The hardest to remove, the eyeliner and mascara, was effectively removed without need of too much rubbing that can damage the eyes and cause wrinkles. This was a surprise to me because the consistency of the cleansing oil was not similar to the cleansing oil I normally use. OB Fresh Pore Clarifying was more fluid like water than oily. Despite this seemingly diluted oil, however, one pump was all I needed to remove my makeup.

I used the product the same way I used my go-to cleansing oil, that is, I massage one pump of the oil onto my face gently and then wipe the same with tissue. Normally, I had to reapply some cleansing oil on the eye area to get rid of the mascara and eyeliner but with Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil, one pump and tissue wiping were enough to remove the makeup.

I have yet to follow the instructions above because I have this fear that not wiping oil out of my face, especially one mixed with makeup, will only lead to acne breakouts. So I tend to wipe it off with tissue and then wash my face with facial wash. I can’t imagine going to bed with oil, though emulsified (whatever the effect of this would be), on my face.The first time I tried following the instructions up to the emulsification part, my eye makeup got into my eyes and it hurt! I think it would take a while before I would try the instructions again.

As to the promise of minimizing the pores, I have yet to discover and verify this. So far, after the first use of the product, I noticed that my skin was silkier.  Even after washing my face with facial wash, the silky feeling was still there. This is not a bad thing, I should think. But it’s different from what’s normally felt every time I wash my face.

Here’s another before and after shot of using OB Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil.

Products: eye shadow (e.l.f.) eye liner (Pixy Perfect Eyeliner) mascara (Pixy Waterproof Volumizing Mascara and Maybelline The Magnum Volum' Express)

eye brows (e.l.f.); eye shadow (e.l.f.); eye liner (Pixy Perfect Eyeliner)
mascara (Pixy Waterproof Volumizing Mascara and Maybelline The Magnum Volum’ Express)


Definitely, the price range of Shu Uemura products are way up there. I can only say that this is justified by the quality of their products, although I have only used the OB Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil, OB UV Under Base Brightening Mousse, The LightBulb Fluid Foundation, and Face Powder Sheer upon writing this post. But based on the review and good feedback I got from my friends, the cleansing oils of Shu Uemura are worth the price tag. I’d recommend, for the first timers, to try out the travel size or even sample pack, if available, in order to see if the cleansing oil is a match for you.

Verdict: 9/10

Shu Uemura’s OB Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil is a good product to have on hand, especially for us ladies who adore makeup. It’s highly effective at removing makeup, no matter how thick it may be, and it’s light on the skin. I didn’t experience any acne breakout after days of using the cleansing oil. For those prone with oily skin that’s prone to acne, OB Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil is the recommended cleansing oil of Shu Uemura. The fact that the packaging for this particular cleansing oil is pink also doesn’t hurt.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Have you tried any Shu Uemura cleansing oil? Which one is your favorite? Let me know what you think.

7 Day Challenge: Organix Hair Care Set

Looking for natural products to tame, nourish, and moisturize your mane? Why not try Organix’s Hair Care Set? They have it in many variants that address different hair problems. Plus, Organix Hair Care Set contains natural ingredients that don’t cause any harm to your hair.

For the past 2 months, my BDJ boxes mostly contained makeup products. It was a pleasant surprise to receive the BDJ May Box, which had varied brands and products. Maybe it was a respite from the Benefit and Pixy products, which I think is good. I still have more than a handful of “to try” products from my BDJ Boxes, not to mention those in my BDJ Luxe Box featuring Shu Uemura.

Going back to Organix Hair Care Set, my BDJ May Box contained the following:

ogx hair care set

Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner (Php 499 @ 13oz)
Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner (Php 499 @ 13oz)
Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner (Php 499 @ 13oz)
Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil (Php 499 @ 3.3oz)

Briefly, use Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil to strengthen and nourish weak hair. Use Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen to fortify thin and limp hair. Use Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco to restore shine and softness to dry and dull hair. Finally, regardless of which pair of shampoo and conditioner you use, it’s recommended that you apply Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil to fight frizz and strengthen the hair.

Sharing is Caring

Because there were so many sachets in my box, I shared some of them to two of my friends with different hair types. One had thinning and damaged hair due to so many chemical treatments her hair went through. In the span of 2 months, she changed hair color twice! So to her I gave Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner.

My other friend had thick hair, but which she always wore in a ponytail even when it’s still wet! The result was that her hair had this forever ponytail shape and it gets frizzy whenever she took her scrunchy off. So to her I gave Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.


The shampoo and conditioner sachets were of 7.4 ml (0.25 oz) each and the box contained 3 sachets of each. With medium length hair (just below the bra line), each sachet of shampoo took about 2 uses while the conditioner took about 1.5 uses. I’m generous when it came to conditioners.

As for the Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil, there were two 3.7ml (0.125oz) sachets in the BDJ May Box. One sachet is good for at least 7 days depending on how generous you are with your hair. Mine lasted for about 10 days.

To put things into context before giving my review, I have medium length hair with naturally dark brown to black color, and it’s digitally permed since December. Normally, the perm lasts for about 4 months but 2 years ago when I first had it digitally permed, it lasted more than a year with the curls gradually uncurling. Having said that, when it comes to taking care of my mane, I’m always looking for something to retain or recover its shine and to allow it to be soft and smooth, but not heavy at the same time. Heavy hair products tend to weigh down the curls.

Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

ogx keratin oil

This would be good for those with hair prone to breakage. Although I have thin hair, breakage was not my problem. I always wore my hair down, without any accessories. If I ever needed to put my hair up, it would be on special occasions or while working out.

Sherill, my friend who I shared this with, loved it! She said that it was like going to the salon and getting a hot oil treatment. As I said, she has thick hair and with the Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, she said that her hair was smoother in a way. “Maganda ang bagsak,” she said. Meaning that her hair fell beautifully this time and not all the way up there.

As for me, it was like having an aromatherapy session while I massaged my scalp. True, the combination of both shampoo and conditioner helped smoothen my hair and it was less frizzy for having thin and limp (i.e. light) hair means that it has the tendency to bunch up or fly whichever way the wind blows.

Downside: the fact that it countered my “light” hair meant that it was a heavy product. And with digitally permed hair, I realized that it wasn’t curling as much. For reference, digitally permed hair is straight when it’s wet and the curls will only show once the hair becomes dry. So when I noticed that my hair wasn’t curling as much as it should while drying, I knew that this product wouldn’t do for me, at least so long as I have my digitally permed hair.

Upside: That having been said, this would be great for straight hair types, whether natural or artificial. It’s also good for those who want their wavy or curly hair to be less wavy or curly.

Will I buy it? Yes, if I revert to my straight hair again. For now, I’ll stick to moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that’re not as heavy on my mane.

Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner

ogx biotin and collagen

As mentioned earlier, this type is for thin and limp hair, which is my hair type.

I gave a shampoo and conditioner set to Sofie to try it out. As I said, her mane was very chemically treated and she’d used hair care products to lessen the damage on her hair and help prevent any form of thinning and hair fall. She liked it. Although a couple of uses was not really enough to see any results. It was still worth noting if ever she wished for a natural hair care product for her hair condition.

As for me, same with the Anti-Breakage, it was an aromatherapy session. I loved the scent in this one more than the other but it was still quite an experience. Compared to Anti-Breakage, my hair was much smoother after trying Biotin and Collagen out, without the heavy feeling.

Downside: As it did not weigh my hair down, in fact, it was much lighter, the wind blew my hair whichever way that one day that I walked at the open parking lot.

For digitally permed hair, it’s recommended that the curls are grouped together, not left as individual strands. The latter would only mean big, frizzy, and unruly hair. The Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner, with the uber smoothness it gave my hair, prevented the strands/curls from keeping together. It took constant twirling of the my hair with my fingers to keep my curls together.

Upside: As smooth as it gets, despite the twirling, my hair was shinier and much softer with this product. It was easier on the eyes and appealing to the touch as well. It didn’t matter at all that I looked like a crazy person twirling my hair. It was worth it.

Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner

ogx argan oil of morocco

For dry and dull hair, this set promises to moisturize. I can’t say I saw any difference after trying it out, however. Of the 3 in the BDJ May Box, this was my least favorite. >.<

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m particular on fragrance. The Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco had a musky and manlike scent that I didn’t like. Compared to the other two in which I took my time lathering and conditioning my hair, this one I just wanted to wash away from my hair.

After using the set, I noticed that there was no moisture. My hair was still frizzy. I can’t say any shine materialized as promised although I can say that my hair was softer compared to other non-Organix hair care products I’ve tried.

I don’t have a third person opinion on this because I didn’t share this with any other friend. But this also meant that I’ve used the whole 3 pairs of shampoo and conditioner in my BDJ May Box and yet, I didn’t feel much positive about the product. It was disappointing.

Upside: It delivered on the promise to restore softness into dull and dry hair.

Downside: It had a scent that not every girl will like.

TIP: I find that with this set, it’s imperative to apply Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil penetrating oil in order to get better results.

Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil (penetrating oil)

ogx penetrating oil

Fortunately, the penetrating oil isn’t as musky as its shampoo and conditioner counterpart. It was much acceptable, although I’ve had better similar products with much wondrous scents. Applying it after the Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner, the scent of the latter was masked, thank goodness!

As with my tip awhile ago, Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil is best used after Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner. The shine in my hair multiplied with only 2-3 drops of oil from the sachet. I’m not as generous with oil products as they are heavier on the hair and so would just uncurl my curls so I was conservative in using the penetrating oil. One sachet lasted me about 10 days.

Upside: The shine was wonderful! If the 3 hair care variants mentioned earlier contributed to the softness and smoothness of my hair, this one multiplied it!

Downside: The scent, though acceptable, wasn’t up to my standard. Also, I found that if used with non-Organix hair care set, it had a different result. For me, I applied the penetrating oil after using Human Nature’s 100% Moisturizing Shampoo (Mandarin) and Human Nature’s 100% Natural Daily Hair Treatment. Normally, with Human Nature products, my hair would already be soft and smooth. I just add Human Nature’s 100% Natural Smoothening Hair Serum to keep my curls intact and I’m ready to go.

After I applied the penetrating oil, however, which I expected to do the same as the hair serum, it only loosened my curls, not allowing them to stay together. I guess it’s the “smoothening” ingredient in the pentrating oil that affected this, but with this combination, Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil might be one product that can’t stand alone and must always be in tandem with other Organix hair products.

Will I buy this? No. But it might be good for those with long, straight hair for that silky soft feeling. As for my digitally permed hair, it won’t do.

Verdict: 7.5 / 10

Organix Hair Care Set is a great buy despite its price. It’s best if you try out samples first to find out which best fits your hair condition. Factor in if your hair is straight or curly and if the curl or straightness is natural or artificial as this will have a different reaction to the products. I didn’t have any photos of my hair to share as I’m always on the go but I did note everything that I needed to give an unbiased and unadulterated review of the products.

Now for the individual rating:

Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner: 8/10
Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner: 9/10
Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner: 6/10
Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil: 7/10

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Have you tried any of the Organix Hair Care products? Let me know what you think.

REVIEW: Human Nature’s 100% Natural Safe Block

As the rainy season draws near, sun lovers continue to bask with what remains of the summer heat. Beach resorts are still packed and thriving. Those who missed out on the hottest days try to cram their vacation into what’s left of May or even try to extend their summer well into June. But whichever month we please, be it March, April, May, or June, the fact is that the summer heat can be as harsh as the rolling waves of the sea. Protection against the sun’s rays is not a question but a necessity and with all the sunblock varieties that may be found in department stores, how does one even get to choose?

I am a lover of Human Nature products. I have been using almost all of their products from skin care, feminine care, cosmetics, to even their detergents, etc. You can just imagine my happiness when Human Nature finally introduced Safe Block, a water resistant sunblock that blocks 93% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Prior to Safe Block, I have been reluctantly using other sunblocks in the market. Reluctantly because I have sensitive skin and there is no sunblock that has left me without any breakout. Without naming them, for I have tried quite a lot, these sunblocks, despite their spf levels, never quite protected me from the sun. I get sunburn and uneven tanning even though I don’t try to tan.

One reason I can think of would be the ingredients in these other sunblocks that, though they claim to protect me from the sun, are unfortunately harsh on my skin, let alone the environment when the sunblock is washed away by the water.

Human Nature’s Safe Block is 100% natural as with almost all of Human Nature’s products. Meaning to say, Human Nature avoided adding chemicals and artificial ingredients that most often cause skin irritation or lead to other illnesses as such ingredients are easily absorbed by the skin.

Fast Facts

HN Safeblock

Php 249.75 / 50g
Php 549.75 / 200g

Apply 20 minutes before exposure to the sun.
Reapply every 80 minutes or after sweating, swimming, or toweling.

Product Description: ABCs
100% natural, broad-spectrum, reef-friendly family sunscreen.
Armors skin against aging UVA rays with PA+++ rated protection.
Blocks 93% of skin-burning UVB rays.
Cares for our coral reefs with only all-good, sea-safe natural ingredients.

Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, zinc oxide, hydrogenated castor oil, Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride (coconut-derived), dicaprylyl ether (vegetable-derived), beeswax, Glycine soja (soybean) oil, oryzanol (rice-derived), fragrance (all-natural), glyceryl caprylate (coconut, palm and glycerin-derived), tocopherol, anisic acid (anise seed-derived)

Source: Human Nature


as applied on my left hand (the lighting is different on the left most pane)

as applied on my left hand (the lighting is different on the left most pane)


Human Nature’s Safe Block did not disappoint. From the moment I smelled it, I fell in love for it smelled like the lotion that you would want to wear everyday. If you’re a user of Human Nature products like me, you’d know that Safe Block has the same scent as Human Nature’s 100% Natural Healthy Lotion (Blossom Beauty)heavenly. When I was in Zambales with my family, I can’t help but apply and re-apply Safe Block. Even my cousins joined in on my excitement and tried it out.

The application is smooth, leaving a white film of protection just like any sunblock. I should emphasize that it is water resistant. After I did several laps and underwater handstands, the protective film’s still on my skin when I came back to shore. Even as I showered, I saw the water form into beads on my skin like a newly waxed car. But despite being water resistant, Human Nature’s Safe Block can easily be washed off with soap and water.


Suffice it to say, after 3 days and 2 nights in Zambales, swimming in the sea, playing beach volleyball, and walking along the shorelines, I did not get sunburn. I did not tan severely. There were no visible tan lines. There was no uneven skin tone. Happy!

In the website, it says that Safe Block is a physical sunscreen that stays on the skin’s surface to deflect the sun’s UV rays. Most sunblocks, however, are chemical sunscreens that absorb UV rays and convert them to heat. Maybe this is why with other sunblocks I’ve tried, I’ve been getting uneven tan lines and patches of sunburn. With Safe Block, I suffered nothing of the sort. The sun’s harmful rays were the last of my problems.

You can also try Human Nature’s 100% Natural Sunflower Oil. Sunflower has essential elements that protect you from the sun’s rays, which is fitting considering its name. It also has other properties that make it work as an all purpose skin care product good for everyone.


My only comment would be the size of the Safe Block, which is available in 50g and 200g only, as with most of Human Nature products. 50g is too little if you’re going for a 3D2N summer vacation. 200g is too large for the same duration, unless you’re sharing it with the whole family. Considering budget and time constraints, we don’t go on many summer vacations in a year. It usually ranges between 1-3 (I think).

There’s also the factor that since most Human Nature products are 100% natural, their shelf life are shorter, usually good for only a year. So for me who’s just bought a 200g Safe Block and used it for myself, my Mom and Dad, and for the last stretch of summer, I still have half of my Safe Block unspent. It expires on 12 April 2015.

Verdict: 9/10

It’s only due to the size that Safe Block didn’t make a 10/10. Other than that, it’s Safe Block hands down compared to other sunscreens out there. It’s affordable and it delivers. Did I mention I didn’t burn under the sun?

Plus, it’s safe on our seas. When we swim, there are no chemical compounds washed away to destroy our coral reefs. I feel safe and good knowing that I’m safely protected under the sun but at the same time I don’t cause damage to the environment. It’s a two-for-two deal that I wouldn’t dare pass up.

Disclaimer: I am a Human Nature Dealer but I strive to give a fair and objective opinion on Human Nature products. After all, I am a consumer of the products myself.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

How do you protect yourself against summer heat? Let me know what you think.

Review: Glam Works Classic Nose Pore Strips

After a long day at work, of calling and coordinating with people, of scheduling and cancelling meetings, of attending meetings, and of making reports, all I wanted to say was: Can I please rest?

But alas, work will continue sporadically through the night and probably over the weekend still. My only respite would be my time with friends and family, which for now, I need to consciously schedule.

For the few minutes that I have now in between calls and other forms of communications (I no longer have or can make time for a few minutes of exercise today), I decided, while my eyes are still tired from reading and typing on the computer (because I can’t get it wet as it is), to try out–finally–Glam Works Classic Nose Pore Strips.

The reason for choosing this as a moment’s rest is completely random. I just saw the box sitting on my vanity table (for the longest time) and thought: It’s about time I try it out. So I did.

Fast Facts

Glam Works Nose Strip

Price: Php 99.00
Where: Watsons
Content: 12 white strips
Duration: 10-15 minutes
Frequency: Twice a week with at least 3 days interval
Strength: So-so


The box and each strip pack contain directions of use, caution, and ingredients, which I believe is worth mentioning in case there are those who buy the strips per piece. I especially like the fact that it’s specific as to frequency as well as when it comes to emergency situations like having left the strip for too long it won’t come off! The caution includes also a statement for those with sensitive skin, as I am part of that group.


The nose strip emits a distinct scent once applied to the skin. It’s not unpleasant but not fragrant either. It’s just distinct. It reminded me of the long strips applied by my dermatologist when I was in elementary school (I already had acne at that young an age). But the smell of the nose strips of Glam Works is more tolerable than my dermatologists.


2014-05-22 23.20.54

as applied on my nose

In terms of application, it was so-so as it was not complicated. Just make sure that the pointy part should point down your nose and not the other way around, sort of like a “U” or “V” and not an “A” type shape. Then, just time yourself between 10-15 minutes.


In my opinion, based on having the nose strip on my nose for about 12 minutes, the nose strip pulled out the whiteheads more than the blackheads. So in that aspect, the “Remove Blackheads” portion in its caption might need some reviewing. There were still a number of blackheads left although the removal of the whiteheads was significant enough to leave my nose feeling smoother than it was before.

I’d show you a picture of the underside of the nose strip after use but that would just be gross, I think.

Pulling the nose strip off was not painful but then my threshold for pain is high. I do think that there wouldn’t be any teary eyes after usage.

Verdict: 8/10

Will I buy this again? Yes, but I might try other products first to see how they fair.