Music Mondays: Second Hand Heart (Ben Haenow ft. Kelly Clarkson)

Music can do wonders to lift one’s spirit and inspire a person to write, dance, or create a masterpiece. And it’s thanks to the melody of Second Hand Heart that I finally got up to write another Music Mondays post.

Yes, I’ve been missing in action for two months now and it’s not that anything major has happened to me, only that I didn’t find the motivation to write. “I’m busy” in not an excuse since I’m always busy and I’ve always found time to write but it’s the motivation that went missing.

With that said, here we go:

Second Hand Heart by Ben Haenow ft. Kelly Clarkson

Obviously, this song falls within a certain category when it comes to how I choose my Music Mondays posts—this is the type that cause me to visualize a scene in a movie, like a past Music Mondays post and also the type that cause me to see dance steps. The melody was powerful enough to inspire me to create a routine for my Zumba® Fitness class, at least for the warm-up.

Putting the melody aside, the part of the lyrics that caught my attention was “I know who you want me to be but I’m just not there, yet. And this got me listening to the whole song and it’s about hope. You can interpret this any way you want because it keeps changing for me (yesterday it was about getting a second chance) so I know it’ll be a different interpretation for your as well.

Whatever it is, I’m glad I got to listen to this song. 🙂

~ o ~ 0 ~ o ~

What’s your Music Mondays?

Music Mondays: Worth It (Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink)

Today’s Music Mondays is probably about a song that reminds me of so many things.

Worth It by Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink


For one thing, the melody reminds me of Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo, that dance-y beat with the Egyptian tune going on. I’m not really sure if it’s an Egyptian tune but, maybe it’s Arabian or something, I can’t fully describe it. But every time I hear this or Talk Dirty, I feel like shaking my hips, belly dancing, and sort of wiggling my body like a snake. >.<

Then there’s the group’s name, Fifth Harmony, which reminds me of Solid Harmonie (90’s girl here). It’s not only the name but also because this group, like Solid Harmonie, has diverse members in terms of ethnicity, which I very much like.

Finally, if you’ve seen any K-Pop music videos or any K-Pop artists performing, you’d notice that they are big on choreography and dancing in sync. This video reminds me of that because there are scenes of the group dancing, though not as in sync as K-Pop artists do it.

Just an additional comment though, I can’t get over the eye make-up on these girls. I just want to pause each close up scene and try to replicate the make-up. I’m gushing here. ^_^

As always, if you want to see a dance choreography on Worth It, Mega Jam has a great one. You can find it here.

Music Mondays: How Long Will I Love You (Ellie Goulding)

If the first installment of today’s Music Mondays is sweet, this one leaves me feeling sad and somewhat desolate. Why? Because even though the lyrics appear to be a promise of love, I can’t help but feel that this is just the unrequited kind, when the love of the other has already gone and you’re left broken; but you still continue to love that person.

How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding

Take at look at these parts of the lyrics:

How long will I love you
As long as stars are above you
And longer if I can

How long will I want you
As long as you want me to
And longer by far

For me, it feels like the girl is saying “I will love you forever but if and when you don’t love/want/need me anymore, I’ll let you go.” Even if it hurts. Even if I still love you. Even if I still want to hold your hand, to embrace you, to see you, to be with you.

The fact that the song ends with the same first two lines only emphasizes that in the end, when everything is through, the girl will keep on loving that person.

~ o ~ 0 ~ o ~

Am I the only one feeling this way towards this song?


Music Mondays: Love Me Like You Do (Ellie Goulding)

Hello everyone! It’s been a while. I took a week off on Music Mondays after its anniversary just to review those in my list I’ve not yet featured. And because I rested and skipped one posting, I’ll be posting 2 Music Mondays for the day both by Ellie Goulding. Oddly enough, when I decided on the 2 songs to feature today, I didn’t know at first that both were by the same artist.

LOve Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding

I’d like to focus on the lyrics of the song (without the movie in mind). Mind you, I’ve read the book but didn’t watch the movie. So however the story was interpreted in the movie, I plan to work on my own interpretation that’s leaning towards discovering love and giving in to it.

So why the lyrics? This song is actually the piece my group will be dancing to in our upcoming recital so I really needed to internalize it. Honestly, I swung between thinking that it’s sweet to sad then back again.

Imagine a girl who’s afraid to love or a girl who doesn’t care about love or a girl who doesn’t want to love too much. Imagine that girl, being with someone that she might be taking for granted but along the way—for some reason or another—realizes that she actually and genuinely loves that person so much so that nothing else seems to matter. And this girl sees that person in a whole new light and wants to discover more of him. In turn, she opens herself to him when before, she was afraid to show her real self or maybe didn’t care at all.

That’s how I interpret it and I guess that’s best, taking our recital into consideration. Sometimes, when I listen to the song, I get a tug at my heartstrings that’s sometimes sweet, sometimes sad, sometimes both. The music video, though, I find sweet—mainly because there’s a dance sequence (kind of reminds me of the music video of one of my Music Mondays post). I could dance through life happy if I could dance with the one I love.

Music Mondays: The Words (Christina Perri)

I remember someone commenting that if he were to meet Christina Perri, he would ask her: Who hurt you? From Jar of Hearts, which propelled her career when it was first heard in So You Think You Can Dance, Christina Perri has released countless songs, bulk of which speak of lost love, heart ache, and someone longing for someone they love but can’t pursue that longing.

This week’s Music Mondays is no different and it reminds me of Distance, which I featured early this year. Only that this one feels sadder.

The Words by Christina Perri

If you follow the series Once Upon A Time, you’d notice that the male character in the music video is Captain Hook in the series. I’ve grown to like his charms in the series and that smile! I’m gushing. 😉

Anyway, I like these lines particularly:

I know that we’re both afraid
We both made the same mistakes
An open heart is an open wound to you
And in the wind of a heavy choice
Love has a quiet voice
Still your mind, now I’m yours to choose

And I know
The scariest part is letting go
Let my love be the light that guides you home

~ o ~ 0 ~ o ~

What’s your Music Mondays?