Music Mondays: Flashlight (Jessie J)

Again it’s late for today’s Music Mondays but I couldn’t find the one to feature until I heard this on the radio and actually listened to the lyrics. It’s Flashlight by Jessie J but instead of featuring the official music video, I opted to go with the cover by Hailee Steinfeld (aka Emily Junk in Pitch Perfect 2). This one also has the lyrics so you can feel the message as well.

Last Saturday I lost my puppy, Tacos. He was the first of three dogs I got early this year.

The day he arrived in our home.

The day he arrived in our home.

If you’ve been following along with me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you’d see pictures of him when I first got him.

Tacos was a very sweet and hyper puppy. Compared to his older sisters (not really related), he grew more in length than in height. And he was the only puppy I knew who “galloped” and when excited, moved liked a bull trying to throw off a person. He also liked to lick people and eat out of his older sisters’ bowls (to the dismay of the sisters).

Tacos also had a very short tail (almost none) so when he gets excited, his whole bottom sways in excitement. Lately, he took to greeting me whenever I open the car door upon coming home. He’d try to reach me and in the last few days, he was able to reach and lick my elbow.

Tacos, Tarra, & TitatHis death was sudden and quick. And I am still reeling from the shock of what had happened. Tacos made it possible for my family to take care of three more (the latest I had this May) puppies. He helped heal my heart and had been my “flashlight” all this time. But losing him left me, once more, heartbroken, lost, and helpless. He was too young; too innocent. He did nothing wrong and yet he’s now gone.

I will forever miss him.


Music Mondays: Black Widow (Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora)

Most have already heard of Iggy Azalea’s Black Widow, this week’s Music Mondays featured song. It’s Top 5 of last year’s Billboard Hot 100 and one of the things I’ve already noted to feature in a previous post about butts but have not really gotten into it until now. I was reminded of it when I heard it on the radio today.

I love how music can be interpreted in so many ways—through the title alone, the melody, the lyrics, or some or all combined. And you know how I like looking at different choreography done on songs. This time, choreography for Black Widow was diverse enough that I’d like to share them with you and in no particular order.

Disclaimer: I don't have formal dance training so I might get some of the terms or types of dance wrong. Your corrections are welcome, though. (",)

 Black Widow by Iggy Azalea Feat. Rita Ora

1. Lyric Hip-Hop (choreography by Chris Clark)

I like this one the most since it’s feminine enough and makes me want to find a slow-mo version of this to learn. It has quick and slow bursts of movements, plus they hit the parts worth hitting, even when there’s no lyrics. I don’t know any dance terms so just fill it in if you know, ok?

2. Sexy Heels (choreography by Michelle Jersey Maniscalco)

I wouldn’t dare dance this fast on heels, especially if I’m required to do a lot of hair flipping and head rolling. But you gotta love those heels. My favorite part here is the slide in 1:24. What’s yours?

3. Hip-Hop to Krump (choreography by E. Kulakovskyi and Y. Tsibulskaya)

This one, compared to No. 1, is much more intense and gives me same feeling I usually get when I watch someone Krump. I catch my brows furrowed after watching this video. Maybe yours would be the same.

4. Dance Fitness (choreography by Diva Dance Fitness)

They had me at the hair flip. It’s perfect and I see myself doing just the hair flip. If you’re looking for a simple dance fitness routine with pizzazz, you’d like this. If you want one with toning, I’d suggest this one by Mariadela Ramirez.

5. Contemporary (as seen on Dance Moms)

Of course, last but not the least, something I could never do without injuring myself first—contemporary. I love the lines, the beginning and ending pose, the parts where one ends her movement and the other picks it up, and so much more. This has much love from me. ♥

P.S. This post will probably reach all of you at different dates depending on the time zone. Music Mondays are supposed to be enjoyed first thing in the morning but well, if this got to you on a Tuesday, let’s call it Tuesday Tunes instead.

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What’s your Music Mondays—er, Tuesday Tunes?