Music Mondays: Flying Without Wings (Westlife)

Love is like flying without wings.

Love. It’s not a simple thing to understand yet we get a glimmer of it. We can’t really explain it even if we try. At times, we even doubt our own definition of it, especially when it is challenged or if it turns out that our own definition works to our disadvantage. But one thing is for sure. It’s always something wonderful. More so in moments we least expect to be.


I really love this song as it is one of those few songs written without needing to make each line rhyme. And the melody was beautifully presented so that it crescendos with the intensity of its words and into a wonderful chorus.

Also, it’s sweet to know that this was written (by Wayne Hector and Steve Mac mainly for and about their wives) taking into account different aspects and manifestations of love. Classic.


Westlife was originally signed by Simon Cowell. 😉

Music Mondays: Rude (Magic)

We dream of finding that one true love. Once we do, we go through great lengths to prove and protect this love, even at the cost of our lives. We break down whatever obstacles that come our way just to stay happily ever after. But was if it’s the parents that try to stop us? What do we do? We love them but this is the love of our life we’re talking about! Nothing should be able to stop us. Right?

Today’s Music Monday, Rude by Magic, is related to the above situation. It’s about a guy who asked permission to the father of the love of his life if he could marry his daughter. But then the father disapproved. What then?

The first time that actually listened to the lyrics, I laughed, thinking that the guy seemed childish in a way because after having been turned down by the father, he went on to saying “Why you gotta be so rude? Don’t you know I’m human, too?” My translation: “You’re so mean!” But after laughing, I got on to thinking what if I’m in that situation as the girl? Or if I’m a guy in the scenario, what would I have done?

Personally, I wouldn’t know. I’d like to think that love conquers all but it doesn’t. It may conquer a few, some, or most, but not all. What do we mean by “all” anyway? Ultimately, in this scenario where the parents don’t approve, a decision has to be made. I say decision, and not choice, because one doesn’t have to choose between one’s true love and the parents. But whatever it may be, we have to stick to it and be prepared for the consequences it may bring.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

What would you do if your in the above situation?