Music Mondays: Seasons of Love (Rent)

More than a week ago I saw this posted on Instagram:

seasons of love

And this reminded of this article from waitbutwhy, which was heavily laden with statistics on how meaningful a day could be if only we measure it in terms of our connections with people. If I think about it, most of the highlights of my days are in my interactions with the people I love and with new people I get to meet. The moments I’m alone, except for when I’m reading a wonderful book or practicing a new dance routine, weren’t as memorable.

I believe humans long for connection—to touch someone and be meaningful to someone. And I have come to an understanding that the underlying reason for all this is love. It has always been about love.

So I’m making my 2016 a year of love—to choose love, be in love, to love and be loved, in whatever form that love may be. Because it is always about love. My 2016 is a season for love.

Seasons of Love (Rent)