Unboxing: July 2015 BDJ Box

Several weeks ago I signed up at 360 Fitness Club to improve my fitness level. Normally, I can only do my workouts during weekends because of my demanding work schedule but since signing up, since the 360 Fitness Club is open until 10pm, I’m able to squeeze a quick 30-minute whole body workout after work and before coming home. It really is a blessing.

The sad part is, when you’re into fitness whether going to the gym, on a run, or spinning classes, problems in carrying that extra big bag arises. For myself, I have to take into consideration the items I’m bringing to the Club. Aside from workout clothes, there are the toiletries and other kikay paraphernalia.

Funny how the BDJ Box team always seems to know when I need such things. They must be psychic because they also got me what I needed most last April.

July 2015 BDJ Box

July 2015 BDJ Box: Prepped & Polished

180ml Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo worth Php 115
180ml Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Conditioner worth Php 115
3 pcs of 28g Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar worth Php 441 per 127g
3.8g Canmake Nail Polish worth Php 330
3ml Benefit They’re Real Mascara worth Php 1,300 per 8.5ml
10g Carmex Tube Lip Balm worth Php 110
4.25g Carmex Click Stick Lip Balm worth Php 110
4g FS Luscious Lipstick worth Php 299
50ml Céleteque Cleansing Oil worth Php 199
2pcs of 2ml V 10 Plus Serum worth Php 4,750 per 30ml

And the bonus items include three encouraging stickers to share (“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”) and a voucher from Benefit for a complimentary makeupper and brow consultation.


Like I said, the BDJ Box team is psychic. The July 2015 BDJ Box is filled with products that I would include in my workout bag for a day of fitness.

Before Workout. Since I go to 360 Fitness Club after office ours, I would need something to remove my makeup. The Céleteque Cleansing Oil will do this for me as it doubles as a makeup remover, too.

During Workout. To prevent the drying of the lips during workout (this happens if you breathe through your mouth while working out), I have a choice between Carmex Tube Lip Balm and Carmex Click Stick Lip Balm, the latter one has strawberry flavor in it.

After Workout. Of course, showering after a workout would be like having a relaxing aromatherapy session with the help of the Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner, both having a heavenly scent that can rival Dial’s soap and body wash line (remember October’s BDJ Box?)

Also, who wouldn’t love the petite size of Cetaphil Cleansing Bar? In my opinion, bar soaps are ideal if you’re traveling since you don’t have to worry about sponges or loofahs. Since Cetaphil is known for its mild and soaps, I wouldn’t doubt that it’s cleansing can be used as a facial soap, too.

Kikay. Even after workout, the July 2015 BDJ Box has me covered. If ever I get my nail polished chipped or scratched during an intense workout, I have Canmake Nail Polish to save the day. For my skincare, there’s the V 10 Plus Serum to act as my facial moisturizer. I have, again, a choice between the Carmex lip balms before applying FS Luscious Lipstick. To cap off my “going home” beauty regimen, I have Benefit They’re Real Mascara to instantly liven my eyes.

Beauty without the Hassle. Indeed, no item is left unused in the July 2015 BDJ Box. It’s probably the best combination of items that the BDJ Box team has ever come up with and I’m truly excited to have all premium items with me as I stay fit and healthy. Who ever said that sweating it out cannot be pretty? I have a whole beauty box to assure me of beauty without the hassle.

Unboxing: BDJ November Box


BDJ November Box

There’s always something about a BDJ Box that is a Benefit box. It makes me giddy and taking pictures of the products becomes an art, sort of. What I’m trying to say is… when BDJ Boxes contain kikay products (i.e. makeup), especially one that features Benefit items, something in it inspires. In my case, I just love taking pictures of them despite the feeble lighting in my room.

This will be my third BDJ/Benefit Box. The first one was in March (not much artistic effort done there). It was my introduction to Benefit and I know little about the brand. The second one was in June, which got me excited since I first saw an early post from a fellow BDJ Box subscriber. There were tints! And now’s my third. Three’s a charm right?

 7ml Bathina Scented Body Mist worth Php 1,800 @ 75ml
3ml POREfessional PRO Balm worth Php 1,600 @ 22ml
2 pieces of 3ml Big Easy Complexion Perfector worth Php 2,000 @ 35ml
2.5ml High Beam Complexion Enhancer worth Php 1,700 @ 12.5ml
0.10g They’re Real Push-Up Liner worth Php 1,300 @ 1.4g
3g They’re Real Mascara worth Php 1,300 @ 8.5g
0.5g Posiebalm Hydrating Lip Balm worth Php 1,000 @ 3g
samples of It’s Potent! Eye Cream and Instant Comeback Facial Serum
Hello Gorgeous! Voucher


The highlight of this box for me is obviously the High Beam Complexion Enhancer. Since I bought the full size Benetint, I’ve been eyeing this one but not yet sure if it’ll suit me so I’ve been delaying my purchase. It’s a good thing, too! Now I have a whole 2.5ml to test it!


I’m also happy that they included another They’re Real Mascara. I’ve been loving the one I got from the June box. The fact that it’s petite is a plus because I can carry it wherever I go and re-apply when I need to (which I seldom need to).


As partner to the mascara, I’m excited to try They’re Real Push-Up Liner. The publicity and hype leading to the launch of this product has not escaped me. But the tester I tried at the store got my eyes itchy 30 minutes after application. I hope it’s just because many lashes have touched the tester. I’m still keen on trying it out and excited to do so now that I have my own sample.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Okay, so it’s getting corny. I didn’t intend the previous three paragraphs to start with H’s. But since I’ve type Highlight and Happy, I thought I’d just use Hope instead of Excited. Also, I was tricked by the box into thinking it’s already December because of the Christmas-y packaging. So I think a Ho! Ho! Ho! (or Hoax) is in order as well. 😉

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

What do you like best about this month’s BDJ Box?

Review: Benetint and Lollitint

I’m not really a fan of tints. I don’t get the need to stain your lips red or with any other color. I also find it confusing in terms of application–do I apply the tint first or the foundation?

The BDJ June Box gave me the chance to get re-acquainted with tints, particularly Benefit’s Benetint and Lollitint. I’ve tried tints in the past but I wasn’t feeling them.

Fast Facts

Bene and Lolli Tint

Price: Php 1,700 @ 12.5ml

BENETINT – rose-tinted stain; kiss-proof; lasts for hours
LOLLITINT – candy-orchid tint; smudge proof and kiss proof

BENETINT – aqua (water), polysorbate 20, phenoxyethanol, sodium hydroxide, carmine (ci 75470), methylparaben, fragrance (parfum), tetrasodium edta, geraniol, linalool, hexyl cinnamal, citronellol, maltodextrin, benzyl salicylate, bht.
LOLLITINT – aqua (water), ethylhexyl strearate, butylene glycol, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, pentylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, squalane, ci 77891 (titanium dioxide), polysorbate 60, ci 77492 (iron oxides), disodium edta, tetrasodium edta, ci 45410 (red 27), ci 77499 (iron oxides), ci 42090 (blue 1), ci 15985 (yellow 6)

BENETINT – liquid
LOLLITINT – viscuous

BENETINT – rose fragrance


Swatches Tint

My skin ate up Benetint before I could even take a photo of it or even blend it.

tint on lips

Apologies for the suck-y resolution. I couldn’t find my camera at the time and I don’t know how to take a photo of my lips on my own.

finger stain

Yeah, it stains and they take a long time to fade so apply carefully on the cheeks if you don’t want to go overboard.


I love them now. But if you had asked me about it the first few times that I used it, I would have said “No! It stains my fingers and I’m not even sure if there’s any difference if I use it or not. Plus, my cheeks itched!”. Still, I went through testing, particularly Benetint, for more than 7 days and tried out different makeup combinations with it and experimented on how I applied it. Turns, that was the solution.

Most people apply tints after their foundation, whether it’s liquid or powder foundation or BB cream. I did the same but it didn’t work. My cheeks itched. I tried different types of foundations and even BB cream. With liquid foundation, the foundation ate up the tint before I could have blended it. With powder foundation, the tint erased the foundation since the tint was liquid. I tried the Benefit Big Easy BB with Benetint and Lollitint as well, but was the same result with the powder foundation.

I was ready to give/sell my tints away if it were not for an upcoming sports fest I was participating in. I wanted to have color on my face without it seeming like I wore makeup on a sports event where I’ll be sweating. I also didn’t want to leave my face bare because I always look like a ghost after every workout (I don’t know where all the blood in my head goes to at such time). So I applied the most minimal of makeups. I applied the usual Benefit Porefessional (never leave home without it) and then applied Benetint on my cheeks. I then applied my powder foundation on top of the tint. On my lips, I dabbed Benetint on top of a clear lip balm. Then off I went to sweat!

Hooray! It was a success! I ran to the nearest mirror after one practice round and was pleased with the result. I looked naturally flushed with that “workout glow”. I didn’t look like a ghost. I guess for my skin type (sensitive, combination to oily skin with visible pores), this sequence is better: tint before foundation. And if I wanted to prolong the tint, then it’s primer, tint, then foundation. So even if I fail to retouch my makeup, I still have red/pinkish cheeks that give me that fresh look. 😉

Verdict: 9/10

I love Benetint especially. Lollitint, not so much because it’s more suited to light to fair skin color. I’m fair to morena.

Pros: lasts long (longer with primer), has a nice scent (for Benetint), dual purpose (for cheek and lips), nice build up of color

Cons: expensive, blending can be tricky, stains the fingers, has chemicals/parabens

Will I buy this? Of course! In fact, I love it so much that I went ahead and bought a full-sized Benetint before I finished my sample of Benetint.

I feel that this will be my go to lip/cheek product from now on, especially when I workout. 🙂 It also doesn’t hurt that I have the sample size Benetint, which I can just refill from the full-sized one, making it extra travel friendly.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Are you a tint person or have tried tints before? Let me know what you think!


I look forward to the days when I come home and I find a box filled with goodies. I’m already at the second half of my BDJ Box subscription and I find myself preparing to subcribe to the next six months. It’s just wonderful how this subscription has not only opened my eyes to the world of makeup but also allowed me to give and share this little bits of joy through my blog.

When I saw from my Instagram feeds that the BDJ June Box is out, I felt that I had to run home to see if mine was already delivered. It wasn’t, because I’m far from their HQ. It was on a Friday, but I knew it will be at home over the weekend. The sad part is, I was bound for Cebu during that time. Whenever my cousins and I had a lull time at the hotel, I all I could think of was the BDJ June Box. It didn’t help that every time I tap “explore” on Instagram, there was an unboxing photo of the BDJ June Box.

BDJ Box first look

from fepot_crl14‘s Instagram

Imagine my anticipation upon coming home on Monday! It was first thing I looked for when I open our front door. Lo and behold! It was there! Yay! I just had to take pictures! Finding the time to collage the photos was a different matter. I was only able to upload it today and with much pride. ^_^

Without further adieu, here’s the BDJ June Box!

Someone said that Benefit is the best at making minis! I believe so. The samples are perfect considering that their collective value is above and beyond the price of the BDJ Box. You can do that math right here:


3ml Porefessional PRO Balm (Php 1,600 @ 22ml)
0.5g Fake Up Concealer (Php 1,600 @ 3.5g)
3ml Big Easy (Php 2,000 @ 35ml)
3ml Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow (Php 1,900 @ 30ml)
3ml They’re Real Mascara (Php 1,300 @ 8.5ml)
2.5ml Lollitint (Php 1,700 @ 12.5ml)
2.5ml Benetint (Php 1,700 @ 12.5ml)


Free Makeupper
Php 300 Brow Wax service (with any product purchase)


Benefit San Francisco Product Brochure/Magazine
5pcs Empowerment Stickers
Product Description Guide
A whole lot of love!


To be honest, I was a little hesitant about the tints. I’m not a fan and I’m afraid it will clog up my pores. Plus, I’m not sure how to use it at first. Thanks to bag_haven for helping me out on this one.


The BDJ June Box also included 2 products I already got from the March box: Porefessional PRO Balm and Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow. Finding them in my box didn’t increase my excitement much since repetition is not my cup of tea. I’d rather get new things (new experiences), which I may or may not like, than get the same thing again. But both items are welcome just the same. ^_^

In any case, since today’s posting, I’ve started using the Big Easy, Fake Up, and Benetint. I’m still using up my Porefessional PRO Balm and Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow from the March box so they don’t count.

Reviews for the Big Easy, Fake Up, and Benetint (and probably Lollitint) will be up in a week’s time so stay tuned! UPDATE: You can find my review of Benetint and Lollitint here.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~
Did you get your regular dose of makeup? Do you have any favorites? Let me know what you think!

UNBOXING: Benefit (BDJ March Box)

It was a gamble when I subscribed to BDJ Box in December. At the time, January and February boxes were already sold out, which meant that if I wanted to subsribe at all, I had to pay at least two months in advance. Still, I thought that it would be worth it.

I subcribed for the maximum I could get from BDJ Box: 6 months subscription. Meaning, from March until August, I would be receiving surprises from BDJ.

Subscribing to 6 boxes was the cheapest, I thought. I factored in the possibility that I would like the first box and would want subsequent ones. I also factored in the fact that BDJ Boxes are often sold out 2 months in advance. So if I waited to see if I wanted the 1st box and I did, I would have wait for another two months to get my 2nd box! That’d be too much of a wait for me. Also, I thought that if I didn’t like the 1st box, I might get to like the 2nd box or probably like the 3rd, and so on. I was all positive at the time.

So I got my first BDJ Box this March. I was excited because the featured product for the month was Benefit! Yay! So to share my happiness and excitement, here’s the great unboxing.

BDJ Box April

3ml Porefessional PRO Balm (worth Php 1,600 @ 22ml)
2ml-ish Stay Don’t Stray (worth Php 1,400.00 10ml)
5ml Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow (worth Php 1,900 @ 30ml)
2 pcs of 1g-ish Stay Flawless (worth Php 1,900 @ 15.5g)
1.5ml Under My Spell Noelle Fragrance (worth Php 2,000 @ 30ml)
1g-ish Agent Zero Shine (worth Php 1,600 @ 7g)

BDJ March Box also contained 5 stickers for BDJ’s Stick It To Win It promo with the caption: You don’t need a mirror to know you’re gorgeous. I liked the fact that the font sizes were bigger on YOU, MIRROR, and GORGEOUS. It was a statement all on its own and it’s encouraging.

Finally, a brochure giving a brief description and pricing of the Benefit products in the box was also provided.

Despite that excitement I felt when I received my first ever BDJ Box and the fact that Benefit was featured, I was a bit dismayed by the samples. They are samples, much small in size and volume that their usual counterpart.

Granted, Benefit products are quite pricey and carry their weight in gold. They are quality products and considering they’re market price, for the value of a BDJ Box at Php 580, the samples should already be worth the it.

In any case, with the unboxing out of the way, let me leave you now so that I can already try them. I’m especially excited with Porefessional PRO Balm, Stay Don’t Stray, and Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow. I’ve never tried pore erasers and eye primers before, and I’m always keen on trying out different foundations.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

What were you most excited about the BDJ March Box? Let me know what you think.