Music Mondays: Seasons of Love (Rent)

More than a week ago I saw this posted on Instagram:

seasons of love

And this reminded of this article from waitbutwhy, which was heavily laden with statistics on how meaningful a day could be if only we measure it in terms of our connections with people. If I think about it, most of the highlights of my days are in my interactions with the people I love and with new people I get to meet. The moments I’m alone, except for when I’m reading a wonderful book or practicing a new dance routine, weren’t as memorable.

I believe humans long for connection—to touch someone and be meaningful to someone. And I have come to an understanding that the underlying reason for all this is love. It has always been about love.

So I’m making my 2016 a year of love—to choose love, be in love, to love and be loved, in whatever form that love may be. Because it is always about love. My 2016 is a season for love.

Seasons of Love (Rent)


Music Mondays: I Can (Donna Cruz, Regine Velasquez, and Mikee Cojuanco)

I have the capacity to say, “I can do this”.
~ 2016 Belle de Jour Power Planner, Affirmation of the Week

Most of the time we tend to settle and grow comfortable of what we already have and we stop dreaming for more. Overtime, this turns into a feeling of fear—fear of losing what we have, afraid that it is all that we have and will ever have. When we stop dreaming, we end up believing that our current situation is reality and the only reality that we will ever have. What we forget is our capacity to change ourselves, our surroundings, and our own situation.

“We are not meant to settle. We are created to soar.”

The reason we dream is because our hearts know that there is always something better. I’m not saying that what we currently have is bad, only that we can always make better the good that we already have. We are meant to grow and evolve. That is why we dream, to counter our tendency to become too comfortable and settle.

Great Things Comfort Zones

So with gratitude, I’m happy to be blessed with the abundance of dreams and am proud to be called a dreamer. At the beginning of this year, 2016—a LEAP year—let me share with you a song that is homegrown and that which reminds us of the things that we are actually capable of doing, I Can, by Donna Cruz, Regine Velasquez, and Mikee Conjuanco.

I can by Donna Cruz, Regine Velasquez, and Mikee Cojuanco

The above video is a lyric video for those who like to read the lyrics while listening to the music. But if you wish to see the original of this as it was sung in the memorable 1996 movie, you can find it here:

I still get goosebumps every time I hear this song.

2015 Wrap-Up

This 2015 has been a roller coaster ride for me, one that began with something that I didn’t think I’d be able to come out of in one piece. But looking back now, I can only say that even with the massive twist and many unexpected turns, 2015 has been good to me. Because of this, I’d like to share my 2015 with all of you for it is a year that I will always remember.

2015 wrap-up


…began with a heartbreak. But little steps were taken and probably a project planned by my parents, a surprise awaited me one day at home—I had my first pet, Tacos.

Also part of the project to heal their daughter’s heart, my parents and I traveled to Indonesia that year.


I went with my family on a staycation at Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay. We got 2 more puppies, Tarra and Titat, as Tacos’s playmates.

I also had my training and certification as a Zumba Instructor at this time.


helloKT…was my blog month and after a year of getting back into blogging, I purchased my own website.


I spent the summer in Boracay with some of my relatives and I challenged my introverted self by trying out Boracay Pub Crawl.

Later in the month I signed up for a spinning pole workshop culminating in a spinning pole recital.


The whole clan traveled all the way to Pagudpud and we visited the different notable stops along the way. Also at this time, because of a wayward nail, I had my first anti-tetanus shot.


My heart broke a second time when I lost Tacos and although all I wanted was for the pain to stop, life just goes on.

So I challenged myself physically by joining the swimming team, dance competition, and the volleyball and table tennis tournament in our office’s annual mini-Olympics. I’m proud to say I’m the owner of 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal, and 1 bronze medal.

I also joined and won the semi-finals of a board game (Splendor) tournament, one that requires a lot of strategic thinking.


I continued my fitness lifestyle and signed upwp-1451535196338.jpg for a 6+1 month membership with 360° Fitness Club. It was my first taste of circuit training and thanks to it, I realized a significant drop in my weight, a notable loss in body fat percentage, and a commendable gain in muscle mass.

I also got to experience a relaxing water spa at Ace Water Spa and the nerve wracking experience of teaching Zumba, getting a feel of the music and facing my own stage fright.


…got me into decorating my second home IMG_20150819_210051
somewhere south and I had fun looking for items for the place.

I also had a movie marathon at UP Film Center with my friend, watching 2 Japanese films, and ending the day with a jog/walk around the UP oval.

Because of a promo between H&M Sports and Plana Forma, I gave in to shopping at H&M. It wasn’t a bad place after all. I had fun buying some sports outfit and because of the promo, I got a free 1 month unlimited membership at Plana Forma.


I began buddy training with my officemate after work. I IMG_20151005_205631especially had fun coming up with exercise routines, mostly circuit exercises I learned from 360° Fitness Club and combining them with what I already know in order to make a personalized routine for both of us.

I also saw the value in pampering myself and taking care of my skin more, going back to my suki Derm Clinic.

It was also the first time I traveled on my own to Hong Kong to visit my best friend. Yahoo for Hong Kong Disneyland.


And how can I forget the beginning of my journey to self when I joined FLEX 200?


…the final quarter of the year was supposed to be a winding down. But it turned out to be the most rigorous of my 2015.

I continued my journey with ALC 154 and learned so much of myself. Openness, acceptance, and letting go were my constant companions then. Then came LEAP 66 that would drive my greatest growth all the way to December. It was a roller coaster ride within the roller coaster ride I’ve been having since January.

For the first time I lead a 4-song Zumba warm-up session that had close to a hundred participants. Although I was with a fellow Zumba Instructor, I never thought I’d be able to face that much number of people.


I finally opened my studio, BEATS Dance & imageFitness Studio and began teaching Zumba professionally. I’m amazed at how far I’ve gone, throwing myself out there—to teach people I know and don’t know, wherever, whenever. My stage fright was a thing of the past against the strength of my passion for dancing. And further I went, taking the extra mile to make a visible change in myself (hair-wise).


…was my moment. I had my first Zumba Concert—a 2-hour Zumba Party with 50 or so participants and I danced a contemporary piece for the first time. To think that I could stretch myself this much and over the course of just 7 weeks for something that I love is overwhelming. But I made it happen with the help of people who loved and supported me.

And from myself to others, I participated in my friend’s outreach at Hospicio de San Jose and our team’s outreach at Little Sisters of the Elderly where I got to extend my love to others.

All in all, who wouldn’t say that my 2015 has been great? It might even be my best year so far. As Lao Tzu said, “New beginnings are sometimes disguised as painful endings.” Indeed, my 2015 has been filled with a lot of new experiences that I truly cherish. And now that I have seen what I am capable of when I surrender to who I really am, I can say that my 2016 will be even better.

Music Mondays: The Climb (Miley Cyrus)

If there’s anything that can describe my life right now, it’s The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Life is never easy. It’s never fair. It’s never anything we want or expect it to be. But how I react to it is my own choice. How I live it is my own choice. Not anyone else’s.

The Climb by Miley Cyrus

In the past few weeks, I’ve learned more about myself than in all the years I’ve lived.

Fear is my greatest obstacle. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of getting hurt again. But I know it won’t get me anywhere if I succumb to fear. So whenever I feel fearful, I tell myself this:

It’s alright to make mistakes and sometime failure is necessary. Forgive yourself, learn the lesson, and move on.

It’s alright to be rejected. You can never please anyone. Sometimes rejection means there’s a better way or a better option. Accept and be open to all possibilities.

It’s alright to get hurt. To suffer is human. Be vulnerable and feel your emotions. Sometimes, you have to break in order to re-create yourself again.

 A head full of fears has no space for dreams.

Music Mondays: Man On A Wire (The Script)

Here’s one way to illustrate a phase in our lives: moving on.  And I didn’t think that The Script would take it literally in their official music video of Man On A Wire.

Man On A Wire by The Script

And yes, getting over someone does feel like walking on a tightrope. You do it alone and can’t rely on anybody else but yourself. There are no safety nets, no one to hold your hand, no one to guide you through it. If you stay where you are, you’re stuck and would probably be in a downward spiral, emotional roller coaster ride. At the end of the day, you’re the only one who can get yourself through it, no one else.

Taking that first step takes a lot of courage. It means you’ve decided to move forward, let go of the past, and face the future no matter how uncertain and knowing that your only anchor will no longer be there. Taking the next step takes commitment because then you have both your feet off the ground.  With it, you’re saying there’s no going back. And walking all the way takes determination and persevarance—to never look back or take a step back, no matter what happens, no matter how fragile your course is.

But what’s not mentioned is acceptance. When you accept things as they are, moving on becomes an inevitable journey, regardless of whether it feels like you’re walking on a tightrope or just letting the current carry you where you need to go. You’ll get there, eventually.

On Letting Go