Music Mondays: No Matter Where You Are (Us The Duo)

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Wouldn’t it be nice to find someone who sings not just any song, but your song—the one that resonates in your soul, the one song that can only be dedicated to you and that can only be described as you?

Though I only knew of them recently, Michael and Carissa Rae Alvarado of Us The Duo are probably an example of this. And their love story is too sweet for words.

No Matter Where you Are I’ll Be There by Us The Duo


I think this is one of those moments that I can’t find any words to share about this week’s Music Mondays. Their tandem and story leave me speechless and I’m afraid that any words mentioned would only do a disservice in a way.

However, I’m sure I’ve said somewhere that we have our own unique vibrations. Some call it “aura” while others say “personal space”. But they’re all the same. Those with similar or complementing vibrations would stick together, harmonizing like different pieces of instrument. I believe that with these two, they are two musical instruments that only need each other to create beautiful music and their melody—their vibrations—inspires anyone who it touches.

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