Music Mondays: Worth It (Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink)

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Today’s Music Mondays is probably about a song that reminds me of so many things.

Worth It by Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink


For one thing, the melody reminds me of Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo, that dance-y beat with the Egyptian tune going on. I’m not really sure if it’s an Egyptian tune but, maybe it’s Arabian or something, I can’t fully describe it. But every time I hear this or Talk Dirty, I feel like shaking my hips, belly dancing, and sort of wiggling my body like a snake. >.<

Then there’s the group’s name, Fifth Harmony, which reminds me of Solid Harmonie (90’s girl here). It’s not only the name but also because this group, like Solid Harmonie, has diverse members in terms of ethnicity, which I very much like.

Finally, if you’ve seen any K-Pop music videos or any K-Pop artists performing, you’d notice that they are big on choreography and dancing in sync. This video reminds me of that because there are scenes of the group dancing, though not as in sync as K-Pop artists do it.

Just an additional comment though, I can’t get over the eye make-up on these girls. I just want to pause each close up scene and try to replicate the make-up. I’m gushing here. ^_^

As always, if you want to see a dance choreography on Worth It, Mega Jam has a great one. You can find it here.

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