Music Mondays: Twerk It Like Miley (Brandon Beal ft. Christopher)

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No, I don’t know how to twerk like Miley. What I do know is that this song reminds me of last week’s Music Mondays featured song, at least on the chorus part. That’s actually the reason why I’m featuring Twerk It Like Miley for this week’s Music Mondays.

Other than that, kudos to Miley Cyrus for always pushing boundaries and keeping everyone at the edge of their seat. She knows how to generate a buzz—good and bad alike.

I never really did hate her. Oh I love her in her Hannah Montana years and her partying in the USA moments. I still believe she has a great voice although she does not use it so much these days (like Lady Gaga before she sang in the Oscars), which is  a little sad but hey, whatever makes you happy, right?

But today’s video won’t be the official music video since I found two (2) dance routines I’d like to share. It’s hard not to pick because they are two different styles—one hard hitting and the other’s sexy in that K-Pop way.

Twerk It Like Miley by Brandon Beal ft. Christopher

via Dance Centre MyWay | choreographed by Miss Lee

via Dance Town Studio | choreographed by Darlene & Semi

Did you notice the similarity in the this week’s and last week’s Music Mondays? 🙂

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