Music Mondays (on a Wednesday): All That Jazz (Chicago OST)

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Let me introduce two ladies who have inspired me to dig deep in myself and discover the strength, grace, and beauty that I have. They are my pole fitness teachers: Nina and Paula. Their dedication to their craft brings out the drive in anyone and the passion one has for dance in anyone.

For this week’s Music Mondays (on a Wednesday), the highlight are these two ladies dancing to  All That Jazz. I have no words for the song (my apologies) but I only have praises for my teachers. They defy the misconception and discrimination of people who refuse to understand and accept that pole dancing or pole fitness is not about stripping or sex or all things perverted.

Pole dancing or pole fitness can mean so many things to different people. I equate it to strength, grace, and beauty. Each time I go to class, I discover something about myself—my fears, my strengths, my limits. I learn to trust myself, what I can do, how far I can go. And at the end of each class, I come out stronger, better.

I understand why anyone would want to stop someone they know and care about from trying out pole dancing/fitness. If they’re not the ones who are judging that person, then it’s because they know how others might judge him/her for it. But what they fail to probably see is the good that it brings to that person.

Personally, dancing in general makes me happy and attending pole fitness classes and joining workshops are ways I get to dance. If it makes me happy, why should I lessen what brings joy to my life?

P.S. My apologies for such a late Music Mondays. There’s a song I wanted to feature for this week but the video I wanted to feature along with it is not yet uploaded. -.-

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