Music Mondays: The Longest Time (Billy Joel)

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It’s a new month once again and all too soon, the summer will be over. I hope you’ve already made memorable experiences for the past weeks. I know I have. And speaking of memorable, I want to go back to a song that to me will never die. If you haven’t heard of The Longest Time by Billy Joel, yet, then at least you will hear it now.

My Dad loves singing this song on Videoke so much that my cousin and I have begun singing it during Videoke sessions when Dad’s not around or when we’re with friends and we are sure that we’ll be the only ones who have this song in our “set list”. It’s catchy, sweet, and easy to sing along to.

The Longest Time by Billy Joel

This song was revived by The Overtones and though it did not deviate so much from the original (which I like, thank you), it’s their music video that I want to share. My brain can’t seem to understand how the video was made (this would be pre-research on behind the scenes). I’m guessing it was taken simultaneously with 5 cameras but I could be very wrong. It’s a mind bender so it’s a good watch.

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What songs do you usually sing at Videoke (or Karaoke) sessions?

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