Music Mondays: Photograph (Ed Sheeran)

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I honestly have something else lined up for this week’s Music Mondays but after hearing this on the radio this morning, I just had to have it featured today.

Photograph by Ed sheeran

There’s no official music video available yet (UPDATE below) but this one is the best I’ve seen so far. Really felt like it’s the official music video (if it really is, please let me know). The quality is great and the interpretation pretty much faithful to the lyrics.

We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
And times are forever frozen still

I especially love this portion of the lyrics that I quoted because this is exactly what I’ve been thinking for the past few months. I was asked by a friend, “How do you deal with a broken heart?” I could only say that you deal with it on your own at your own pace. You cannot force it but you cannot resist it as well.  There’s nothing that time won’t heal if you let it.

But what of the hurt? The pain? All the memories? Well they’re all there and it will stay with you always, unless you bump your head and suffer amnesia or something. But I’ve said months ago although in a different context, everything is by your choice. You choose to love. When you get hurt, you choose how that hurt will affect you.

Our mind is an amazing thing. Mind over matter is not just a slogan but a fact of life. So when you deal with a broken heart, you can choose to look at your memories together positively or negatively. You can highlight the bad or the good. My advice, choose to see the good memories and treasure the fact that you experienced them than not at all. With the bad ones, well, we do have our past to learn from so use it as a guide in your present.

There’s nothing to be gained by being negative. After all, using math logic, being negative is a minus (-) that can only lessen you, not add to your well-being.

What does this have to do with our Music Mondays? Look at your past like you’re looking through pictures to put in your photo album. Would you immortalize the blurred and ugly photos? Or would rather pick the ones that make you smile and bring the best and beautiful memories that you’ve had? It’s always your choice. You make the memories for yourself, hopefully the best ones.

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P.S. Watch through to the end and you’ll get a surprise appearance by a famous music artist. 🙂

UPDATE: I just saw the official music video for Photograph. If you haven’t watched it and wouldn’t want to be spoiled, all I can say is that Ed Sheeran is very much loved. And if I haven’t been a fan of his before, I am now. Here’s the official music video:

Dear Ed Sheeran, I’ll wait for your next concert in the Philippines. I will surely be there. 🙂

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