Music Mondays: 3 Things (Jason Mraz)

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At one point or another, we’ve all experienced a critical moment in our life that changes our perspective of the world. Sometimes, the change can be of a magnitude that we even begin to question our principles or the very things that we believe in. It becomes a test on our character, to see how much we can endure. More often, some of these critical moments include a loss—usually the loss of someone we love or the loss of a love. And in this moments, it becomes difficult to even continue with our lives because what we thought we knew, we didn’t know after all. In that, it’s all we could do not to break down, not to fall apart.

I’ve been there—still am—and I’ve been drawing strength from the people that I love. Because what other cure is there from the loss of a love than to know and feel the love of those who have been with you from the start? It may not be the same love, not what you would expect when you speak of love. But it’s still an emotion—the emotion—that will, in the end, pull you through.

And there’s no other person who can describe going through such a loss and still come out of it with a smile and positive feeling than Jason Mraz. Apart from my friends and family, his present album gets me through it. This week’s Music Mondays, in particular, nails it.

3 Things by Jason Mraz

I imagine his song as a blog post: 3 Things To Do When Your Life Falls Apart. And he’d enumerate such things:

  1. Cry your heart out until there are no more tears left. Pain demands to be felt, right? So let it all out. It may come as a huge blow or it may come in waves. Whatever it is, ride it out. Life will not throw you anything you can’t handle. If you think you can’t handle it, it’s because you’ve given up.
  2. Reflect on all that you have, all the good things. When you’ve already emptied yourself, what is left is to fill yourself and you get to choose. Hopefully, you fill yourself with goodness—not negativity or bitterness. So look around you and see where you can find what you need to find.
  3. Take a deep breath and see what happened for what it is and let go. You know the Prayer for Serenity? It’s exactly that. Accept the things that you can’t change when you know that there is nothing left you can do. Let go. You won’t be able to move on to the next chapter of your life if you let yourself get stuck at the last past of the present chapter.

Simple? Probably. But Jason Mraz never said that it is. Only that no matter what happens, look up. Whatever your sorrows may be, draw strength from it and know that wherever you are now in life, whatever it is you’re going through, it’s still your life. You decide what happens with it.

Love is still the answer I’m relying on.

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