Fab Five Ways to Use Human Nature Balm For All Seasons

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4. For Fever and Illnesses


Human Nature Balm For All Seasons can be used to ward off fevers and other illnesses. More specifically, I’ve used the Balm For All Seasons to help a relative fight off his fever.

As mentioned earlier, the peppermint essential oil has menthol and creates a cooling sensation on the area of the skin on which it is applied. Being a “refrigerant” it provides intensely cold sensation on the affected area.3 So for someone who has a high fever and who hates having a cool towel or cooling patch applied on his forehead, Human Nature Balm For All Seasons does the trick because he can’t peel it off. Even if he rubs it, the cooling sensation is still there.

I’ve used Human Nature Balm For All Seasons also to help me cope with my allergic rhinitis. Whenever it’s triggered, which often results to a clogged nose and difficulty in breathing, I just reach for the Balm For All Seasons and I can breathe again.

What I do: For fevers, scoop small amount (less than pea size) and spread it across the forehead, starting from the center of the forehead and outward to the temples. Do this again this time from the point above the center of the forehead, then outward again to the temples. Do this again until you reach the hairline. This way, you’re spreading the balm evenly and at the same time soothing your patient by massaging him/her.

You can also apply a small amount at the back, at both ends of the spine—from the top, start at base of the neck then outside to the shoulders; from the bottom, apply a small amount in a circular motion at the base of the spine.

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