Fab Five Ways to Use Human Nature Balm For All Seasons

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3. For Savasana/Shavasana (Corpse Pose)


Do you attend yoga classes? If you do, you might have encountered yoga teachers who apply a cooling balm/lotion at the base of your neck while you’re in your Shavasana. Or you may have met some students who have the cooling lotions with them, which they apply before they go into Shavasana.

Well instead of buying those cooling lotions, which are ridiculously expensive, I decided to use Human Nature Balm For All Seasons. After all, they both have cooling effects after, which can be quite heavenly while you’re lying down and relaxing your body after an hour or so of yoga practice.

The peppermint essential oil in Human Nature Balm For All Seasons is to blame for this cooling sensation. Peppermint contains a significant amount of menthol, which, when applied topically, makes the skin more sensitive and more receptive to the cold, highlighting whatever is cool on your skin.1

Aside from cooling the body, the peppermint essential oil together with the eucalyptus essential oil work together to relieve the tension from the muscles. The peppermint essential oil’s cooling sensation relaxes and cools the muscles while the eucalyptus essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties to prevent any muscle strain or swelling.2

If you’re not into yoga, but do workout one way or another, then you can apply Human Nature Balm For All Seasons to assist you in cooling down and prevent muscle pain.

What I do: In Shavasana, use your outside of your fingernail and scoop a pea size amount to rub between your index, middle, and ring fingers. Then apply from the base of your neck up to the base of your head, then massage down below your neck then out to your shoulders. Do this a second time if you wish. Close your eyes and enjoy your Shavasana.

You can also take another scoop, rub between your palms, and then apply at the base of your spine and out to the sides. This way, you’re covering both ends of your spine.

You can do the same procedure if you’re just cooling down from a workout and not in Shavasana.

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