Fab Five Ways to Use Human Nature Balm For All Seasons

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2. For Aromatherapy

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Again, I go back to the power trio—peppermint, eucalyptus, and bergamot—which are also recommended as oils for aromatherapy. Each has its unique scent but in Human Nature Balm For All Seasons, there’s more of the peppermint than the other two.

In short, when you open the jar, it smells wholly of peppermint. But this is not to say that the other two (and other ingredients) are not at work when you inhale even if your nose can’t distinguish it.

What I do:¬†Personally, I use this to ward of bad smells. For low level nuisance to the nose, take and rub a small amount between your palms, cup your cups over your nose and mouth, then take a deep breath through the nose. This helps to clear whatever bad smells that got into your “scent-ses”.

For mid-level nuisances, take a small amount and apply an invisible strip of the balm under your nose. You may also line the tip of your nose with this so that each breath you take, you take in the peppermint’s heavenly scent.

For over-the-top nuisances, you may as well coat the inside of your nose with this. That is, if you want to be discreet. Otherwise, feel free to open the jar and keep it under your nose for full protection. You can also apply some on your handkerchief and cover your nose with your handkerchief.

You might ask what are over-the-top nuisances. For me that’s the smell of someone who just smoked and didn’t bother to mask the smell. Or of a cab that smells like a pack of cigarettes has been consumed inside it recently. Or you can just imagine the smell of rotten eggs.

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