Music Mondays: Cry (Kelly Clarkson)

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If you knew love at all, then you’ve probably had a fair share of the pain that accompanies a love that ended because it had failed to grow one way or another.

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Last week, I featured a song that described the beauty of at least having experienced love in the first place rather than not having known it at all. This week, let’s tackle the dark side of it, the side where you just want to curl into yourself and close yourself against the world. Because if you knew love at all, you know how a heartbreak can be literally, as much as figuratively, felt to the point of want to strike at your heart just to numb the pain away.

This week’s song would be about that. Of trying to cope with a heartbreak and Kelly Clarkson couldn’t have sung a more fitting song than this.

If you want a video of Kelly Clarkson singing it live, you can click here.

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