Fab Five Go-To Restaurants Near Quezon Avenue

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Restaurants near Quezon Avenue

5. Ramen Cool

Where: Ground Floor West Life Building, West Avenue
Budget: Php 300 – Php 650 (for sharing)
Go-To Food: RCool Ramen (Php 295); Kani Cool Maki (Php 195); Kohi Ice (Php 150); House Hot/Cold Tea (free)
What I Love:

Probably my most visited restaurant among the Fab Five. Parking is free and easy and the operating hours can go until really late. The ambiance is really good. I especially love the sakura drop lights and glass stencils. If you’ve never been to Japan, you’d love to go there if only for the sakura.

But the main reason I love going to Ramen Cool is because I just love ramen! I love splitting this with a friend and then just adding some chili oil to make it spicy. The Kohi Ice is best if you plan to stay up late at night because it’s really strong. The first time I had this, I slept near 2 am.


I tried their Katsu Curry Rice, which is also good, but RCool Ramen is the best. Mabo Ramen is also good if you want straight up spicy ramen.

For maki, I recommend California Love and Salmon Skin Roll as alternatives. If you don’t want to stay up late, the Milo Dinosaur is a good alternative to Kohi Ice.

Website: Ramen Cool

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