Fab Five Go-To Restaurants Near Quezon Avenue

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Restaurants near Quezon Avenue

4. Mister Kabab

Where: 2F Fisher Mall; also at 95A West Avenue
Budget: Php 175 – Php 350
Go-To Food: Special Chicken Chelo Kabab (Php 175); Grilled Tomato (Php 35); Potato Cutlet (Php 125)
What I Love:

It’s really the yogurt/yoghurt sauce and spicy sauce that I love here. But of course, you can’t enjoy that alone and with the Special Chicken Chelo Kabab, happy!

When I’m with company, I like to order the Potato Cutlet to share aside from my kabab. I’m also a big tomato fan so I order extra for time to time.

Another thing I love here is the intricate design on the walls and the sturdy tables and chairs.

Alternative: Special (Beef) Chelo Kabab and the non-“special” ones are also okay but I just like Special Chicken Chelo Kabab better. Or you can opt for the Shawarma plate but that this doesn’t include the rice yet.
Website: Mister Kabab Fisher Mall; Mister Kabab West Avenue


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