Fab Five Go-To Restaurants Near Quezon Avenue

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So my work place is really, I mean really, far from where I live. It takes two hours, give or take, to travel just one way and it can get really frustrating if it’s traffic. Most of the time, half way through my driving home, my stomach rumbles and I just had to eat. So what do I do? I eat out.

My route always takes me along Quezon Avenue—sometimes to a road parallel to it. It’s always at this point that I feel hungriest and since it’s also the area where the most available food options exist, I explore, and pick.

After some time of eating out, I noticed that there are certain restaurants that I would always go to whenever I need to satiate my hunger. I can never go wrong with whatever food I order there.

So for my first ever Fab Five series, I’d like to share my Fab Five Go-To Restaurants Near Quezon Avenue, in no particular order.

Fab Five Go-To Restaurants Near Quezon Avenue

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The Vegetarian Kitchen | Pepper Lunch | Señor Pollo | Mister Kabab | Ramen Cool

Just click on the names above or navigate through the page numbers below.

I took most of the pictures in this post but if you’re wondering who took my pictures, you can just read (or skip) through to the last page of this post to find out.

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