Music Mondays: If I Never Knew You (Jon Secada and Shanice)

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As a last hurrah to the month of love, I’d like to share a tragic love song. One that describes of a love so wonderful but had to end so soon. Though it may seem sad, it spoke of the beauty of having such love regardless.

“If I never knew you I’d be safe but half as real Never knowing I could feel A love so strong and true”

You may be familiar with this but may have forgotten but it’s a classic from Disney’s Pocahontas. It was played during the film’s end credits although originally, it was part of the film itself sung by John Smith and Pocahontas.

P.S. This is the only Disney film I know that has the most passionate kissing scenes. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Music Mondays: If I Never Knew You (Jon Secada and Shanice)

    • kcreol says:

      Well technically she’s not a princess 😉 But I liked the movie in its historical sense although when I read the novel itself, it blew my mind how different it was from the Disney version (as always). 😛

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