Music Mondays: Flying Without Wings (Westlife)

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Love is like flying without wings.

Love. It’s not a simple thing to understand yet we get a glimmer of it. We can’t really explain it even if we try. At times, we even doubt our own definition of it, especially when it is challenged or if it turns out that our own definition works to our disadvantage. But one thing is for sure. It’s always something wonderful. More so in moments we least expect to be.


I really love this song as it is one of those few songs written without needing to make each line rhyme. And the melody was beautifully presented so that it crescendos with the intensity of its words and into a wonderful chorus.

Also, it’s sweet to know that this was written (by Wayne Hector and Steve Mac mainly for and about their wives) taking into account different aspects and manifestations of love. Classic.


Westlife was originally signed by Simon Cowell. 😉

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