Music Mondays: Blank Space (Taylor Swift)

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Happy new year everyone! And since a new year has come, we normally think of new beginnings, new experiences, new challenges, and, for some, a chance to start over. For the mistakes in the past, we vow to never do them again. For bad habits, we make a list of resolutions, or just one, for the new year. In short, a new year = clean slate.

And what better way to start our first Music Mondays for the 2015 with a Blank Space by none other than Taylor Swift.

The video I’d like to feature is one from BBC Radio 1, a one take video in a car featuring Taylor Swift and Greg James. There’s a charm in this video that I just had to share, which the nine million plus, plus viewers will pretty much agree with.

For the official music video for Blank Space, click here.

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Have you made your new year’s resolution?

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