Music Mondays: Santa Tell Me (Ariana Grande)

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In the spirit of Christmas and all that is jolly and fun, I find Ariana Grande’s holiday song a bit sad. Or maybe it’s just me. It looked like they were having so much fun in the music video so I guess I’m interpreting the song lyrics wrong.

Santa tell me, if you’re really there, don’t make me fall in love again if he won’t be here next year.

Is it just me or does anyone find Ariana’s face angelic? I really find her cute and just realized it when I almost stumbled into a life size standee of her at a music store. And she can be quite charming in her own way. Have you seen the music video of Bang Bang? She’s amazing in that video, much like her fellow artists.

So going back to our holiday season, here’s Ariana Grande’s Santa Tell Me. Be sure to wait until the end of the video for the outtakes.

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