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Since I shared my not too glamorous pictures about my pimples, I’ve been asked by some about the skin care products that I use to prevent the pimples from coming back.

At the outset, there is no “one size fits all” type of skin care products. You must always observe your skin, what irritates it, what works well with it. Once you’ve found what’s hiyang or good for your skin, stick with it. Why fix what isn’t broken?

As for myself, these are my favorite skin care products that help curb and lessen the appearance of my pimples.

favorite skin care products

As much as possible, I choose products that are organic or have only natural products.

1. Tea Tree Oil (The Body Shop)

Tea tree oil extract is widely known as a topical antiseptic, commonly used to treat pimples. I’ve been using this since I was in college and it does great work on zit control. Compared to benzoyl peroxide, which is a chemical, tea tree oil is natural and therefore, safer on the skin.

Alternative: Acne Defense Solution Gel (Human Nature)

2. Overnight Elixir (Human Nature)

As the name suggests, I use this product before I go to sleep. It’s a combination of 9 essential oils–rosehip oil, passion fruit seed oil, soybean oil, lavender oil, avocado oil, elemi oil, rosemary oil, sunflower seed oil, and natural vitamin E. Simply put, these 9 active ingredients work together to restore the skin to its healthiest state. I especially love the scent of this product and the feel of my skin the next day.

Alternative: Pumpkin Sleeping Pack (Too Cool For School)

3. Sunflower Beauty Oil (Human Nature)

A too dry skin is as much prone to pimples as one that’s too oily so whenever I find my skin getting a drier than usual, especially the areas outside my T-zone, I balance it out with this. It’s not as concentrated as the overnight elixir (so it’s cheaper) so it’s easily absorbed by my skin. Contrary to its name, it’s not as oily and perfect to apply before or after my moisturizer.

Alternative: None. It’s that great! But you may want to know other ways you can use it here.

4. Tea Tree Pore Minimiser (The Body Shop)

Although it’s marketed as a primer and so is technically part of the “makeup/beauty” category, this product still makes my list. I use it as an added layer of protection over my T-zone area before applying makeup (which may or may not have chemicals that can harm or tire my skin). It also curbs my skin’s oil production to an extent so that I don’t look as greasy. And because there is less oil, there is less clogging of the pores.

Alternative: None. I haven’t found a primer that can compete with this.

5. Tea Tree Blotting Tissues (The Body Shop)

For times when my glands work overtime in oil production, I resort to oil blotters. One infused with tea tree oil is always a better option. Sadly, this one’s blotters are smaller in size compared to other normal oil blotters so I limit my use to those days when I know I’m extra prone to breakouts.

Alternative: Gatsby’s oil blotter. I make sure not to buy those with powder. They only contribute to the clogging of my pores.

6. Pore Strips (Glam Works)

Having open pores, I’m very familiar with black heads and since they are prequels to pimples, it’s best to get rid of them. I normally use Glam Works Green Tea Nose pore strips (see review here) because the green tea extract helps reduce skin inflammation and prevent skin irritation, among others. However, I use pore strips sparingly only since using them leaves the pores open for a time after removing the black heads. You must take extra care to avoid touching your nose. If you wish, you can rub an ice cube to close the pores but I don’t usually do this I’m not always sure about the cleanliness of the ice cube. 😉

Alternative: Other variants of Glam Works such as the Classic and Charcoal.

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Pimple problems? What products do you use to prevent and/or get rid of those pesky zits? Share them in the comments below and we can all learn from each other.

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