Music Mondays: Love Never Felt So Good (Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake)

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As I sit down in front of my laptop and grasp for the right words for today’s featured song, I realize that it’ll never be enough. He has been loved and will be missed. Such was Michael Jackson’s legacy to the world. Music that can move our hearts and soothe our souls.

I remember hearing this song for the first time on radio and thought that the DJ must’ve made a mistake. He’s already dead. Why is there a duet between MJ and Justin Timberlake? But as I listened to the song and heard his voice, it didn’t matter. Dead or alive, Michael Jackson’s music lives on, in our hearts and in our souls.

Here’s to all of you from the great Michael Jackson is a duet with Justin Timberlake:

Love Never Felt So Good

For information about this song, you can find it here the same way I did.

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