Review: Glam Works Classic Nose Pore Strips

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After a long day at work, of calling and coordinating with people, of scheduling and cancelling meetings, of attending meetings, and of making reports, all I wanted to say was: Can I please rest?

But alas, work will continue sporadically through the night and probably over the weekend still. My only respite would be my time with friends and family, which for now, I need to consciously schedule.

For the few minutes that I have now in between calls and other forms of communications (I no longer have or can make time for a few minutes of exercise today), I decided, while my eyes are still tired from reading and typing on the computer (because I can’t get it wet as it is), to try out–finally–Glam Works Classic Nose Pore Strips.

The reason for choosing this as a moment’s rest is completely random. I just saw the box sitting on my vanity table (for the longest time) and thought: It’s about time I try it out. So I did.

Fast Facts

Glam Works Nose Strip

Price: Php 99.00
Where: Watsons
Content: 12 white strips
Duration: 10-15 minutes
Frequency: Twice a week with at least 3 days interval
Strength: So-so


The box and each strip pack contain directions of use, caution, and ingredients, which I believe is worth mentioning in case there are those who buy the strips per piece. I especially like the fact that it’s specific as to frequency as well as when it comes to emergency situations like having left the strip for too long it won’t come off! The caution includes also a statement for those with sensitive skin, as I am part of that group.


The nose strip emits a distinct scent once applied to the skin. It’s not unpleasant but not fragrant either. It’s just distinct. It reminded me of the long strips applied by my dermatologist when I was in elementary school (I already had acne at that young an age). But the smell of the nose strips of Glam Works is more tolerable than my dermatologists.


2014-05-22 23.20.54

as applied on my nose

In terms of application, it was so-so as it was not complicated. Just make sure that the pointy part should point down your nose and not the other way around, sort of like a “U” or “V” and not an “A” type shape. Then, just time yourself between 10-15 minutes.


In my opinion, based on having the nose strip on my nose for about 12 minutes, the nose strip pulled out the whiteheads more than the blackheads. So in that aspect, the “Remove Blackheads” portion in its caption might need some reviewing. There were still a number of blackheads left although the removal of the whiteheads was significant enough to leave my nose feeling smoother than it was before.

I’d show you a picture of the underside of the nose strip after use but that would just be gross, I think.

Pulling the nose strip off was not painful but then my threshold for pain is high. I do think that there wouldn’t be any teary eyes after usage.

Verdict: 8/10

Will I buy this again? Yes, but I might try other products first to see how they fair.

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